Sunday, May 3, 2009



It's saturday nite, everyone is busy with their own thing. My day today was nothing much. Went to ITB in the morning to do SDP. Saw some people sitting outside the staffroom, just realized today's their interview day, good luck people. I'm not feeling really good actually, since yesterday, I think its because of lack of sleep, too tired, but today, it was a bit better.

Tadi went out with Acun and Azwan to survey some stuff for tomoro's outing. I'm going to KB tomoro, for a function. No, not singing, just doing my other job.

Anyhow, to those who asked about my album, well, to be honest, it's gona take a while for me to have one, because I need myself to be fully ready and well polished to do so, which in fact right now, I'm not at all. Don't worry, making an album is in my list, but it's not gona be anywhere soon. However, I just finished recording my nxt single, entitled Baruku Sedari, which I think I've mentioned about this before. The release is gona be somewhere in May, so just wait, I promise you, there will be more excitements to come soon, just wait and keep on supporting. :) And I love you for that. ehe..

So, basically, nothing much to blog, Im gona head off now, I'm very tired. See you.