Thursday, July 30, 2009

A short moment.

Salam readers

Tonite is indeed a boring nite for me, my parents are away for a short vacation, so i'm left with my sister and her family. Lucky I had someone to cheer up my day, someone very understanding. Yet, I had the urge to get out from the house, cause I was craving for the tungking salut madu, I didn't want to go to the capital so I chose to go to Jerudong. I texted my good buddy coz I remembered him saying how much he missed the tungking.

About 8, I arrived at Jerudong. Saw a lot of people queueing up for the tasty tungking. We sat first and ordered our tungking later. A good of mine was also there, it's been a while I havent talk to this man. We sat and while waiting for our order, I asked him how's things nowadays giving him a hint of what I was asking.

There was a pause before he replied. He was thinking before he said anything about it. I could see deep inside his eyes, his mind sparked a bit when I brought up the question. He told me that he's still in touch with her, but not as frequent as he was before. He was trying to ignore her and said it's been a month he hasn't talk to her.

He told me that she regretted of what she did to him and was pressured with all her work and family matters. I told him, being in love is all about preparation. Relating your family and work matter are just not well accepted, I would respect her if that was true, but I guarantee she could think of it quite clever on how to keep it all safe. My question was, why could THAT happen when she claimed to be so pressured about everything.

I used to know this girl, not that much tho. The first time I met her, I thought that she has a nice personality and I would understand why my friend chose her. I still remember I made cards for her and my friend, thinking how sweet was that. I know bringing up these memories wont make anything better, but my point is, I am just dissapointed to know that it didnt happen that well.

For some of my friends who happened to know this friend of him, they would create bulk of anger and very unimaginable dislikable words that a normal person won't want to hear about themselves. These friends might have already hate her or accused her for dumping my good friend. I admitted that I used to be that but when he said these to me "Yat, I can't lie to my feelings", that made me thought a while. Thinking that I am just being selfish.

He was talking softly, seemed like he could break to tears any moment. Then, I said to him to forget everything that you hate about her or whatever she had done to you that made you miserable, and advised him to take her as a friend and just live on normally. She's just a human being and yes, humans make mistake. YES, I told him to think a lot before giving up and deciding what could be repeating again and again. Life is not always about giving second chances.

To HER, I was very upset with you on what you did to my good friend, he spent most of his time praising you, thinking about you, trying to get what's best for you in any situation he was in at that time. I remembered he cried when he flunk out his grades, do you know why? He was thinking too much about you. Yes, we are boys and we tend to be naughty at times, but believe me, this man never does that, you were his first love, his first journey of love. But it took you only a short amount of time to destroy that all, to forget what he had done for you, to start causing blames on him, to start giving shits everytime he needs you. Why ? and How could you do that? If I were you, I would feel lucky to be treated and accepted in his life. He may not own the world or has the power to turn the world around, but he has something that he stored in his life for the time he knew you, and those are honest and loyalties. I salute this man a lot.

I respect you for being an adult and I respect you for not giving up. No matter how bad you are to some of his friends, you're still a woman and deserve to be respected BUT never take advantage on that, respect and appreciate others first before you get those back. Some may not be the same again, it's just how you decide to live now, either hung by the rope or letting yourself free from it. Decide it well and wise.

I wish the both of you happiness in life.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Selamat Malam Sumer

SALAM people

Lama dah inda beupdate blog ani, haha, sorry brabis wahai pembaca sekalian(adake?)

Ok, what have I been up to? MACAM2. Karang ani kena precautious skit sal H1N1 di mana2. Sana sini paksa pakai sanitizer, mask segala(except bilik tido la..) Sesapa yang baru balik dari belayar, paksa quarantinekan diri for 7 hari di rumah, termasuklah Dayat sendiri.. ehehe.. tapi check ok, takde hal, so can? ehe

Balik2 dari belayar ani, rindu la sangat kan chat on msn, so online, EH? nada orang dengan chat, so apa boleh buat, ada yang tak sudi nampak. tak pe la~

Now, mesti buat assignments balik, banyak kan di buat ni, baik sangat kan lecturer2 kami atu, suka i~ so FOCUS! buleh ni! kali..

Anyway, blom ada gambar kan di upload for the moment, pasal malas. huhu. inda apa, nanti2 i letak photos sini.

Oh yea, I miss my friends! I miss my p2f family! I miss my GT family! I miss my BKP family! I miss you! you ada miss I ke? ehehe. bah. adang2. rehat2 tah. kepada sumer yang membaca, berhati2 la ketika berada di mana2, pakai tia mask ah, sanitizer jgn lupa, yang penting jaga diri la. hehehe. okay?