Thursday, September 3, 2009



it's been a while uh? batah inda blogging atu. well, okay okay, I am sorry for that. hehe. I bet you know my reasons already. Anyhoo, it's september already, time flies really fast uh? PLUS, it's ramadhan udah, and it's already been more than a week ryt?? which means.... INDA G LAMA RAYA.

hehe, sorry i got no photos to post up at this moment. Okay, last time I went to KL with my buddies, during the H1N1 break, yea, during those time, cana tah jua, I paid my tickets already, to I just went there, with all precautions and safeties with me.

Then balik2 ke Brunei, guess what?? hehe, I think jangantah luan di expose kan sini, yg penting that time, seluruh bloggers and fbianz..or twitters...sibuk memperkatakan APA yang telah pun berlaku ketika itu. hehehe.

Then came August, busy packed with Assignments, NOT very WELCOMING. haha. As usual, student's life kan? So, banyak TESTS lately ani, and ASSIGNMENT dues. GILAAA BRABIZZ!

At the same time jua, Dayat baru2 ani ada shooting for some TV commercial and do some recording for a some radio commercial. hehehe, sapa dapat teka which commercial? huhu. Yang penting, dua2 minuman. and NO, bukan tongkat ali.. hehe.

Im currently watching STEPPIN.. pikir siuk brabis.. but totally not. nyasal mbali ee.

Oh, I want to say Happy Belated Birthday to My friend, AYU, last 28th August, then to my DAD, Hj Ahim, last 31st August, then to Ecah Dolphin, last 1st September and my anak buah, lil IPAH, also to newly wed PIPI, yesterday, Happy Belated! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

We have another assignment duenya this 8th, a test this 5th, another test on 10th.. then from 11 to 13, hehe, I'll be AWAY~~

Okay, I'll stop rite here for tonite, YES, I will update you guys more often lagi. hehe. oh yea.. yang tanya if Adeb has an FB or not.. so far.. nada plg, hehe, or maybe I dont know at all. lol. anyway, UDAH UDAH, jom tidur.. Slamat malam!


p/s: udah beniat untuk isuk ni?