Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You

salam people

Thanks to those yang datang ke ICC last friday, I had a lot of fun that day. Thanks to those yang maseh setia mendengarkan single terbaru Dayat. I love you all so much. Yg inda sampat begambar, inda apa, ada jodoh kita ketemu lagi. sorry jua nada gambar kan di post, huhu, nanti tah. when im free enough la. heheeheh.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet me at ICC tomoro!

Salam people,
See me tomoro at ICC, from 2 pm onwards, and good news, for those who wants to get my single, there might be a possibility that we will be selling my Single tomoro. heheh. Just a possibility, but incase if that doesnt happen, there are other prizes for you to win and the fun times you can have with us tomoro.
Remember, make a date with us tomoro! hehehe. See you~~~

Saturday, June 20, 2009



Hi people, first of all, I wana say happy belated father's day to my father, Hj Ahim, i love you dad, you're the inspiration of my life guidance. Also to all fathers in this world, HAPPY BELATED FATHER's DAY.

Anyway, it's almost the end of June, I am so excited since the holiday is coming soon. Faced JAVA and others, payah wooo.

Thanks to all of those who had been supporting me non stop ever since I released my single on the air way, a lot of you are asking where to buy my single. For now, the management havent really decide to make a sale on my single, but GOOD news, I heard that an EP album should be out probably this year or early next year, by which, my single will be included in that album, this is not confirm yet tho. BUT, not to worry, you can download the mini mp3 of my latest single, how?? hehe, refer to the steps shown at the side.

tapi apapun, I am really thankful to all of you for the support. May god bless you for that. Amin.

Anyway, tadi Dayat beinjek, heheh, kan ke KL nyanta, so queue up la tadi, with my friend, si Neves. Punyalah nyanyah kami dua, ketawa inda pandai abis. Sebenarnya, kan napuk nervous la konon, hehe, ketawa lah tebahak2, malar jua Dayat ingul kan rh si Neves ani betapa nervousnya diriku. Neves said "Why do you have to be nervous? It's not painful at all."

Skali, udah sampai kana call and kan masuk bilik. Gez what, si Neves suruh aku dulu, hahaha. SAPA NERVOUS ANI?? :P

Anyway, abis dah beinjek, balik la ke rumah, konon2 kan rehat, haha, skali, boring punya pasal, had a photoshoot dgn anak buah. Hasilnya?

Oh yea, before I go, be loyal in a relationship, don't shit our your partner, you might never know when that happens back at you and how it should end you. So, what goes around comes around. Be safe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday.

Halloooooo! hehehe. Happy Birthday to Ktea, group ISD leader ku. hehehe. Im nt sure how old she is today, but i know she's getting older. :P Age is just a number, yang penting maintain your warm and cool personality.

Qar! hehehe, aku curi gambar ani dari fb mu, hehehe, Happy birthday to you bro, keep that friendly attitude on. and. u're old today and the rest of days~ :P
Happy birthday to both of them, may god bless you both and smoga di panjang kan umur dan murah rezeki... AMIN.

Friday, June 12, 2009

17th and 28th~!

Salam readers,

it's been a busy day today, well, not really busy lah. I went to Ranoadidas 6th Year Anniversary Bash at iCentre today, a lot of his readers came (including ME), quite fun and packed. hehe. Congratz Rano for that!

So yeah, went out with Katik2 family except nightkidz. Had our late lunch at Jollibee, and I must say, what happened there, will be a history. haha. sorry~ Then went out ngan Ryan and Aliff, makan at curry house lambak, wah, lama inda makan sana, thanks to all of them sal mau jalan sama2.

Anyhow, to those yang mencari2 lagu Dayat terbaru, buat masa ani belum ada perancangan kan menjual single cd, but that depends on the management, it is a good idea, but yeah, it depends on the management, so kena tunggu lah, if not CD, might be another alternative.

On the 28th jangan lupa yeah, bawa la semua ahli keluarga, friends, tunang ke, amah ke, satu kampung pun boleh, hehehe. Kepada yang selalu mendengarkan lagu Dayat - Baruku Sedari, nanti on that day, Dayat mau semua yang tau liriknya, nyanyi sama2 Dayat, ramai2 lagi memeriahkan lagu and suasana concert. Okeh? hehehe, korang kan sporting~ ehe.

Oh yeah, talking pasal concert ni kan, actually motive concert ani, one of them is to menyedarkan remaja-remaja dan masyarakat kita pasal penyalahgunaan dadah, dengan motto "Says No To Drug" or "No Drugs At All". It's quite good, sambil2 kita berhibur, sambil2 atu jua kita mbuat kerja2 amal(sapa tu amal?? hehe. joking je bang.)

and Jangan Lupa, 17th ni, Dayat ada sesi interview dgn Pelangi FM, kul 2 ptg (besoknya Dayat ada TEST tu! waa!). Kepada yang kan bertanya2, sila2lah hubungi Pelangi nanti on that time. Dayat akan cuba jawap sedaya mungkin.

Sekian dulu, dari Dayat. ehehe. GERENTI~~~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Helping a friend

Salam people,


$400 (discounted price)

A friend of mine is selling her SB600 speedlite. To those of you who are interested to buy em, do text at this number 87115638 (TEXT ONLY).

First come first serve, get it ASAP. hehe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


hehe, hi readers, sorry lama sangat kan update, payah sikit kan dapat free time. hehehe. inda apa, yang penting semua happy.

Baru2 ni Dayat ada buat penggambaran for rancangan raya for rtb, sangal beb, tapi siuk lah, pasal banyak orang and I had fun doing it!

Last Saturday Dayat ada pegi to Simfoni Tanah Air, congratz to Fakhrul for the win, heheh, I SALUTE YOU BRO, also to Putri, hehe, the best vocal, Mirul with his two performance, extremely good! Then kami lepak2 dengan Dj Aliff, Adeb and Daia and her sis, siuk la, had fun sama korang.

Oh btw, thank you to all supporters for the response to my new single, I really appreciate that. I am hoping to make more great songs soon. Good news tho, to those who really loves that song, COME TO THE REUNION CONCERT, 28 June ani, at 2 pm, at ICC Berakas. I'll be belting out my song, and some other songs, and guess what? not just Dayat yang ada sana, the rest of my p2f family will be there too! hehehe. Dtg ah~ plus, concert ani bukan saja untuk reunion p2f, tapi untuk kebajikan, untuk menyedarkan orang ramai tentang penyalahgunaan dadah, remember, NO DRUGS AT ALL!

Here's the lyric of my song, you can sing it nanti tym reunion concert, Thanks to Syarif and Khairul for this. Thanks a lot. I hope you wont mind me posting it here.

Verse 1:
Andai semua telah ku miliki
Andai segala batas telah ku lalui
tanpamu semua tak bererti
jalani hidup ini
kan melukaiku

Verse 2:
kelak ku di ujung sang waktu
merealisasikan keutuhanku
mencintaimu seadanya
hargainya segalanya
genggam tanganku

oh baruku alami cinta begini
abadikan segalanya
menerangi haluanku

lelah tak terdaya tuk melepaskan mu
hidup matiku untukmu
memilikimu tuk separuh nafasku

repeat verse 2
repeat chorus

Andai takdir mengusung waktu lepaskanmu
kan ku buktikan di pelusuk cintaku
bahwa seandainya diriku milikmu
tetapkan ku raih mimpi milikku

oh baruku alami cinta begini
abadikan segalanya
menerangi haluanku

repeat chorus

Andai semua telah ku miliki
Andai segala batas telah ku lalui
kan ku milikimu tuk separuh nafasku

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You

Salam people

It's been these couple of weeks, I couldnt get my hands stop doing all the works I had. Last May was quit busy with some preparation. Early June, I had a shooting for Raya drama, spent the whole day at the scene, it was tiring but worth it.

Recently, my latest single has been playing at Pelangi FM, ALHAMDULILAH, I'm also thankful to Pelangi Fm for making me artist of the month for June, I had fun with you guys. The song Baruku Sedari was composed by Syarif and Khairul D-Hask. I would like to thank the both of them for giving me the trust to bring this song and also working together to make it a really good one. Thank you as well to Faizul and Khai Abandonce for introducing me to them. Thank you to Mr Wong, Summer, Gena and Hiew of GCC management for taking care of me during the process of recording. Thanks to Ka Nani of Nasional FM, for interviewing me recently on my journey as a new artist, had a great time chit chatting with her. Thanks to my family for understanding my time and myself. I love you so much.

Thanks to those who texted me their congratulatory, Thank you so much for the support, insya allah, I will be doing more soon, just wait and hear.

Thank you all again for the support. Dont forget to come to our reunion concert this 28th june at ICC Berakas, more updates soon on this. See you!