Saturday, December 26, 2009

hey people,

I know it's late, lol, and talking about late, it's been a while i havent update my blog. Well, I just had some terrible news, I bet some of you knew about this, enough said, if you don't know, then just leave it off like that. But despite all that, I'm glad i'm over it. I'm glad I found someone to cheer me up. i'm glad I still have friends.

Oh well, 2009 is gona end soon, 2010 is coming up, have I plan for something wise? hmm.. i'm not sure yet, I still need time to think about it. hehe. Music wise, I'm still looking for the rite one. Education wise, I'm planning to move on, Life wise, not properly defined. Dont ask why.

Anyhow, im sleepy, catch you up soon. hope so. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

SDP's OVER. Presentation and Exam to go!


Hi people, How's your sunday? lol. Mine's fresh, woke up late! haha. Had something to finish last nite, slept quite late. Anyway, SDP is done, well almost, we still need to present our system to the lecturer, me and my group are gona discuss about it later.

Exam's on the 17th, argggh! Come on Dayat, it's just few weeks left, then you're all done after that!

Anyway, yesterday I was at the RTB Sungai Akar, for the launching of p2f third season. I was with Aj, Ter and Asde. The audition's gona start on 4th December, at RTB KB, then the next two days at RTB Sg Akar. I might be there to give you a moral support. Just wait for few more days, you'll get the news flying around or just go to their website ( for more info. :)

Till then, take care people, i dont know what else to talk about. haha.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anugerah Pelangi's Done - SDP and EXAMS to GO!


hi peepz, I know, if my group leader reads this, he would be asking me this "INDA KO MBUAT SDP MU KAH??" haha. I'm just taking the time off to blog a lil about my updates.

Okay, first thing's first, Thank you so much for all of you who came to the Anugerah Pelangi that nite, really2 appreciate it a lot! To ZWAN and ACUN whom I didnt get the chance to talk and hang out with right afterwards, I'm very2 sorry, I was very busy guys, I'll make it up to you after the SDP alrite. hehe. To fans, who turned up that nite, thank you so much for the support and taking photos with me, and to friends, ITB photogs, and cousins! thank you so much! Thanks also to Syarif D'Hask for the music arrangement that nite, and Abg Aidil for his help on the vocals. For my wardrobe, thanks to Ardly Design, gosh, I love that outfit! and my make up! I love it so much! Thanks to Elly for that! and last but not least, thank you to PELANGI FM! thanks for the opportunity and more again next time!

So after the event, managed to get an hour sleep, ryt after that, I had to turned on my laptop and start doing my work, Alhamdulilah, it's nearly done, ryt Eddy? hehe. CONFIDENT!

Anyhow, I was a bit upset about certain stuff, but I dont want to put much here. All I want to say is that although I'm new in this industry, doesnt mean you can fool me around. I believe all of us are professional in our own way, we do our work and you do yours. IF you can't pull it off, then don't bother. PLAN everything wise. Sorry if you had to read this, I dont hate you for who you are, but I just hate what you just did. You really2 need to learn to start doing it well as in in a good way, not by whatever you just did. Thanks.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jeng Jeng Jeng

Hehe. just a hint. This has something to do with my outfit for this saturday. Btw, it's like 2 more days to go!! ARGH!! Nervous melambung tarus.

Ill be singing my single, trimmed to 2 mins. I will try my best to put it up to the next level. I want it to be a WOW performance.. AMIN!

So ill see u on SATURDAY!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

what have i been up to?

This is what I can say about myself rite now. I have a dateline to catch, 1 big event at the end of this month, another one next month and and exam to sit in!

CRAAAAAZZZYYYYY weeks for me! But I am loving it. Rather than sitting alone at home, eating and doing nothing else than that. Oh well, my weights been fluctuating lately, I just recovered from a very bad cold last few weeks, now I am trying my best to keep that away and stay up healthy.

I've been doing a lot of practises by myself, at the same time, crashing my brain doing the php codes for our sdp, thanks to Eddy, he keeps me ongoing. LESS than 2 weeks! thats the time I have now.

I have plans after my exams, one of them might be doing a new single. MAYBE..

So, just wait and see, I'll update u once in a while. lol. I'm not a frequent blogger anymore.

The moment is around the corner..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pelangi Awards


so it's 19 already...12 more days to go! I am so nervous ryt now for that.

I got my song trimmed(sounds weird at this point) to 2 minutes, got my wardrobe designed, been practising a lot. Just that the flu nowadays are like bejangkitan kan, luckily I went for a check up udah masa tu, ani just some cough saja.

Due date for SDP is next month, exams next month too!! stress eh. sabar saja tia.

we just had our raya celebration last saturday, it was tiring but FUN!

anyhow.. i ku ani boring..haha.. im off to bed now.. tata.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sound Of Hope to Pelangi Awards!


hi readers, well, its been a while..AGAIN. lol. Been busy lately dengan kerja and preparations. Baru2 ani, Dayat involve dalam Sound Of Hope Gala night Charity Concert, held last nite(saturday) at ampi theatre Jerudong Park. It was one of the most memorable moments I've ever had. The concert was all about helping out the Poverty, and aiming to have zero poverty level by the year 2035.

The photos above are taken from my friend's facebook, thank you and i hope you dont mind me putting it here.

It was really2 fun, I got to work with Zulf(p2f champion season 1), Faizul Abandonce, Feez Madea, Khairy, Azeem, Hill Zaini, Pei Pei, Ali Wally, Hanisah, and a lot of awesome dancers! and and and with Amalina Abdullah, she's kind enough to give me the chance to be a part of this.

Next is the Pelangi Awards! it's gona be on the 31st October, I have less than 4 weeks to work on my performance. ALSO people, there is one new category being added, its the BMOBILE MOST VOTED ARTIST AWARD, you can vote me by typing in VOTE17 and send it in to 99914. This year's theme is fantasy, so I need to think of what to wear for this event, I got something in mind already, but I need more reference. hehehe.

tomoro TASEK LAMA jogging~! a must! I need to lose some to fit some! lol.

Thursday, September 3, 2009



it's been a while uh? batah inda blogging atu. well, okay okay, I am sorry for that. hehe. I bet you know my reasons already. Anyhoo, it's september already, time flies really fast uh? PLUS, it's ramadhan udah, and it's already been more than a week ryt?? which means.... INDA G LAMA RAYA.

hehe, sorry i got no photos to post up at this moment. Okay, last time I went to KL with my buddies, during the H1N1 break, yea, during those time, cana tah jua, I paid my tickets already, to I just went there, with all precautions and safeties with me.

Then balik2 ke Brunei, guess what?? hehe, I think jangantah luan di expose kan sini, yg penting that time, seluruh bloggers and fbianz..or twitters...sibuk memperkatakan APA yang telah pun berlaku ketika itu. hehehe.

Then came August, busy packed with Assignments, NOT very WELCOMING. haha. As usual, student's life kan? So, banyak TESTS lately ani, and ASSIGNMENT dues. GILAAA BRABIZZ!

At the same time jua, Dayat baru2 ani ada shooting for some TV commercial and do some recording for a some radio commercial. hehehe, sapa dapat teka which commercial? huhu. Yang penting, dua2 minuman. and NO, bukan tongkat ali.. hehe.

Im currently watching STEPPIN.. pikir siuk brabis.. but totally not. nyasal mbali ee.

Oh, I want to say Happy Belated Birthday to My friend, AYU, last 28th August, then to my DAD, Hj Ahim, last 31st August, then to Ecah Dolphin, last 1st September and my anak buah, lil IPAH, also to newly wed PIPI, yesterday, Happy Belated! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

We have another assignment duenya this 8th, a test this 5th, another test on 10th.. then from 11 to 13, hehe, I'll be AWAY~~

Okay, I'll stop rite here for tonite, YES, I will update you guys more often lagi. hehe. oh yea.. yang tanya if Adeb has an FB or not.. so far.. nada plg, hehe, or maybe I dont know at all. lol. anyway, UDAH UDAH, jom tidur.. Slamat malam!


p/s: udah beniat untuk isuk ni?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Final Semester

Salam readers

Today is the start of the new semester a.k.a the final semester for us! It's gona be a lot tougher.. Sigh~

So yea, actually I planned to wake up early today, but then, since I slept late, I woke up a bit LATE than the time I've set. The traffic was very bad today, there were few accidents along the way. Scary, first day of my final semester, accidents happened???

Skali, we only had two lecture in the morning, then after that abis, free, coz the lecturer were busy handling the degree programme students. Oh well, more time to do my work. ISD assignment due is today, NAM is wed..

My cousin's getting married this sunday, so does our SWO, congratz to both! hehehe.

Oh yea, the pelangi award is going to start somewhere in october, the nomination starts tomoro, I am nominated in the New Artist category, I am really looking forward for this event, and yes, if you think I should win, do vote. :) Thanks. Another event that I am looking for is the RTM/RTB this october, I totally need to brush up everything to makesure i am ready for that event. Oh well, semua ini, Alhamdulilah...

So guys, that's it for today. i'll update you more soon. hehe. Tata!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A short moment.

Salam readers

Tonite is indeed a boring nite for me, my parents are away for a short vacation, so i'm left with my sister and her family. Lucky I had someone to cheer up my day, someone very understanding. Yet, I had the urge to get out from the house, cause I was craving for the tungking salut madu, I didn't want to go to the capital so I chose to go to Jerudong. I texted my good buddy coz I remembered him saying how much he missed the tungking.

About 8, I arrived at Jerudong. Saw a lot of people queueing up for the tasty tungking. We sat first and ordered our tungking later. A good of mine was also there, it's been a while I havent talk to this man. We sat and while waiting for our order, I asked him how's things nowadays giving him a hint of what I was asking.

There was a pause before he replied. He was thinking before he said anything about it. I could see deep inside his eyes, his mind sparked a bit when I brought up the question. He told me that he's still in touch with her, but not as frequent as he was before. He was trying to ignore her and said it's been a month he hasn't talk to her.

He told me that she regretted of what she did to him and was pressured with all her work and family matters. I told him, being in love is all about preparation. Relating your family and work matter are just not well accepted, I would respect her if that was true, but I guarantee she could think of it quite clever on how to keep it all safe. My question was, why could THAT happen when she claimed to be so pressured about everything.

I used to know this girl, not that much tho. The first time I met her, I thought that she has a nice personality and I would understand why my friend chose her. I still remember I made cards for her and my friend, thinking how sweet was that. I know bringing up these memories wont make anything better, but my point is, I am just dissapointed to know that it didnt happen that well.

For some of my friends who happened to know this friend of him, they would create bulk of anger and very unimaginable dislikable words that a normal person won't want to hear about themselves. These friends might have already hate her or accused her for dumping my good friend. I admitted that I used to be that but when he said these to me "Yat, I can't lie to my feelings", that made me thought a while. Thinking that I am just being selfish.

He was talking softly, seemed like he could break to tears any moment. Then, I said to him to forget everything that you hate about her or whatever she had done to you that made you miserable, and advised him to take her as a friend and just live on normally. She's just a human being and yes, humans make mistake. YES, I told him to think a lot before giving up and deciding what could be repeating again and again. Life is not always about giving second chances.

To HER, I was very upset with you on what you did to my good friend, he spent most of his time praising you, thinking about you, trying to get what's best for you in any situation he was in at that time. I remembered he cried when he flunk out his grades, do you know why? He was thinking too much about you. Yes, we are boys and we tend to be naughty at times, but believe me, this man never does that, you were his first love, his first journey of love. But it took you only a short amount of time to destroy that all, to forget what he had done for you, to start causing blames on him, to start giving shits everytime he needs you. Why ? and How could you do that? If I were you, I would feel lucky to be treated and accepted in his life. He may not own the world or has the power to turn the world around, but he has something that he stored in his life for the time he knew you, and those are honest and loyalties. I salute this man a lot.

I respect you for being an adult and I respect you for not giving up. No matter how bad you are to some of his friends, you're still a woman and deserve to be respected BUT never take advantage on that, respect and appreciate others first before you get those back. Some may not be the same again, it's just how you decide to live now, either hung by the rope or letting yourself free from it. Decide it well and wise.

I wish the both of you happiness in life.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Selamat Malam Sumer

SALAM people

Lama dah inda beupdate blog ani, haha, sorry brabis wahai pembaca sekalian(adake?)

Ok, what have I been up to? MACAM2. Karang ani kena precautious skit sal H1N1 di mana2. Sana sini paksa pakai sanitizer, mask segala(except bilik tido la..) Sesapa yang baru balik dari belayar, paksa quarantinekan diri for 7 hari di rumah, termasuklah Dayat sendiri.. ehehe.. tapi check ok, takde hal, so can? ehe

Balik2 dari belayar ani, rindu la sangat kan chat on msn, so online, EH? nada orang dengan chat, so apa boleh buat, ada yang tak sudi nampak. tak pe la~

Now, mesti buat assignments balik, banyak kan di buat ni, baik sangat kan lecturer2 kami atu, suka i~ so FOCUS! buleh ni! kali..

Anyway, blom ada gambar kan di upload for the moment, pasal malas. huhu. inda apa, nanti2 i letak photos sini.

Oh yea, I miss my friends! I miss my p2f family! I miss my GT family! I miss my BKP family! I miss you! you ada miss I ke? ehehe. bah. adang2. rehat2 tah. kepada sumer yang membaca, berhati2 la ketika berada di mana2, pakai tia mask ah, sanitizer jgn lupa, yang penting jaga diri la. hehehe. okay?


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You

salam people

Thanks to those yang datang ke ICC last friday, I had a lot of fun that day. Thanks to those yang maseh setia mendengarkan single terbaru Dayat. I love you all so much. Yg inda sampat begambar, inda apa, ada jodoh kita ketemu lagi. sorry jua nada gambar kan di post, huhu, nanti tah. when im free enough la. heheeheh.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet me at ICC tomoro!

Salam people,
See me tomoro at ICC, from 2 pm onwards, and good news, for those who wants to get my single, there might be a possibility that we will be selling my Single tomoro. heheh. Just a possibility, but incase if that doesnt happen, there are other prizes for you to win and the fun times you can have with us tomoro.
Remember, make a date with us tomoro! hehehe. See you~~~

Saturday, June 20, 2009



Hi people, first of all, I wana say happy belated father's day to my father, Hj Ahim, i love you dad, you're the inspiration of my life guidance. Also to all fathers in this world, HAPPY BELATED FATHER's DAY.

Anyway, it's almost the end of June, I am so excited since the holiday is coming soon. Faced JAVA and others, payah wooo.

Thanks to all of those who had been supporting me non stop ever since I released my single on the air way, a lot of you are asking where to buy my single. For now, the management havent really decide to make a sale on my single, but GOOD news, I heard that an EP album should be out probably this year or early next year, by which, my single will be included in that album, this is not confirm yet tho. BUT, not to worry, you can download the mini mp3 of my latest single, how?? hehe, refer to the steps shown at the side.

tapi apapun, I am really thankful to all of you for the support. May god bless you for that. Amin.

Anyway, tadi Dayat beinjek, heheh, kan ke KL nyanta, so queue up la tadi, with my friend, si Neves. Punyalah nyanyah kami dua, ketawa inda pandai abis. Sebenarnya, kan napuk nervous la konon, hehe, ketawa lah tebahak2, malar jua Dayat ingul kan rh si Neves ani betapa nervousnya diriku. Neves said "Why do you have to be nervous? It's not painful at all."

Skali, udah sampai kana call and kan masuk bilik. Gez what, si Neves suruh aku dulu, hahaha. SAPA NERVOUS ANI?? :P

Anyway, abis dah beinjek, balik la ke rumah, konon2 kan rehat, haha, skali, boring punya pasal, had a photoshoot dgn anak buah. Hasilnya?

Oh yea, before I go, be loyal in a relationship, don't shit our your partner, you might never know when that happens back at you and how it should end you. So, what goes around comes around. Be safe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday.

Halloooooo! hehehe. Happy Birthday to Ktea, group ISD leader ku. hehehe. Im nt sure how old she is today, but i know she's getting older. :P Age is just a number, yang penting maintain your warm and cool personality.

Qar! hehehe, aku curi gambar ani dari fb mu, hehehe, Happy birthday to you bro, keep that friendly attitude on. and. u're old today and the rest of days~ :P
Happy birthday to both of them, may god bless you both and smoga di panjang kan umur dan murah rezeki... AMIN.

Friday, June 12, 2009

17th and 28th~!

Salam readers,

it's been a busy day today, well, not really busy lah. I went to Ranoadidas 6th Year Anniversary Bash at iCentre today, a lot of his readers came (including ME), quite fun and packed. hehe. Congratz Rano for that!

So yeah, went out with Katik2 family except nightkidz. Had our late lunch at Jollibee, and I must say, what happened there, will be a history. haha. sorry~ Then went out ngan Ryan and Aliff, makan at curry house lambak, wah, lama inda makan sana, thanks to all of them sal mau jalan sama2.

Anyhow, to those yang mencari2 lagu Dayat terbaru, buat masa ani belum ada perancangan kan menjual single cd, but that depends on the management, it is a good idea, but yeah, it depends on the management, so kena tunggu lah, if not CD, might be another alternative.

On the 28th jangan lupa yeah, bawa la semua ahli keluarga, friends, tunang ke, amah ke, satu kampung pun boleh, hehehe. Kepada yang selalu mendengarkan lagu Dayat - Baruku Sedari, nanti on that day, Dayat mau semua yang tau liriknya, nyanyi sama2 Dayat, ramai2 lagi memeriahkan lagu and suasana concert. Okeh? hehehe, korang kan sporting~ ehe.

Oh yeah, talking pasal concert ni kan, actually motive concert ani, one of them is to menyedarkan remaja-remaja dan masyarakat kita pasal penyalahgunaan dadah, dengan motto "Says No To Drug" or "No Drugs At All". It's quite good, sambil2 kita berhibur, sambil2 atu jua kita mbuat kerja2 amal(sapa tu amal?? hehe. joking je bang.)

and Jangan Lupa, 17th ni, Dayat ada sesi interview dgn Pelangi FM, kul 2 ptg (besoknya Dayat ada TEST tu! waa!). Kepada yang kan bertanya2, sila2lah hubungi Pelangi nanti on that time. Dayat akan cuba jawap sedaya mungkin.

Sekian dulu, dari Dayat. ehehe. GERENTI~~~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Helping a friend

Salam people,


$400 (discounted price)

A friend of mine is selling her SB600 speedlite. To those of you who are interested to buy em, do text at this number 87115638 (TEXT ONLY).

First come first serve, get it ASAP. hehe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


hehe, hi readers, sorry lama sangat kan update, payah sikit kan dapat free time. hehehe. inda apa, yang penting semua happy.

Baru2 ni Dayat ada buat penggambaran for rancangan raya for rtb, sangal beb, tapi siuk lah, pasal banyak orang and I had fun doing it!

Last Saturday Dayat ada pegi to Simfoni Tanah Air, congratz to Fakhrul for the win, heheh, I SALUTE YOU BRO, also to Putri, hehe, the best vocal, Mirul with his two performance, extremely good! Then kami lepak2 dengan Dj Aliff, Adeb and Daia and her sis, siuk la, had fun sama korang.

Oh btw, thank you to all supporters for the response to my new single, I really appreciate that. I am hoping to make more great songs soon. Good news tho, to those who really loves that song, COME TO THE REUNION CONCERT, 28 June ani, at 2 pm, at ICC Berakas. I'll be belting out my song, and some other songs, and guess what? not just Dayat yang ada sana, the rest of my p2f family will be there too! hehehe. Dtg ah~ plus, concert ani bukan saja untuk reunion p2f, tapi untuk kebajikan, untuk menyedarkan orang ramai tentang penyalahgunaan dadah, remember, NO DRUGS AT ALL!

Here's the lyric of my song, you can sing it nanti tym reunion concert, Thanks to Syarif and Khairul for this. Thanks a lot. I hope you wont mind me posting it here.

Verse 1:
Andai semua telah ku miliki
Andai segala batas telah ku lalui
tanpamu semua tak bererti
jalani hidup ini
kan melukaiku

Verse 2:
kelak ku di ujung sang waktu
merealisasikan keutuhanku
mencintaimu seadanya
hargainya segalanya
genggam tanganku

oh baruku alami cinta begini
abadikan segalanya
menerangi haluanku

lelah tak terdaya tuk melepaskan mu
hidup matiku untukmu
memilikimu tuk separuh nafasku

repeat verse 2
repeat chorus

Andai takdir mengusung waktu lepaskanmu
kan ku buktikan di pelusuk cintaku
bahwa seandainya diriku milikmu
tetapkan ku raih mimpi milikku

oh baruku alami cinta begini
abadikan segalanya
menerangi haluanku

repeat chorus

Andai semua telah ku miliki
Andai segala batas telah ku lalui
kan ku milikimu tuk separuh nafasku

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You

Salam people

It's been these couple of weeks, I couldnt get my hands stop doing all the works I had. Last May was quit busy with some preparation. Early June, I had a shooting for Raya drama, spent the whole day at the scene, it was tiring but worth it.

Recently, my latest single has been playing at Pelangi FM, ALHAMDULILAH, I'm also thankful to Pelangi Fm for making me artist of the month for June, I had fun with you guys. The song Baruku Sedari was composed by Syarif and Khairul D-Hask. I would like to thank the both of them for giving me the trust to bring this song and also working together to make it a really good one. Thank you as well to Faizul and Khai Abandonce for introducing me to them. Thank you to Mr Wong, Summer, Gena and Hiew of GCC management for taking care of me during the process of recording. Thanks to Ka Nani of Nasional FM, for interviewing me recently on my journey as a new artist, had a great time chit chatting with her. Thanks to my family for understanding my time and myself. I love you so much.

Thanks to those who texted me their congratulatory, Thank you so much for the support, insya allah, I will be doing more soon, just wait and hear.

Thank you all again for the support. Dont forget to come to our reunion concert this 28th june at ICC Berakas, more updates soon on this. See you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Congratulation Maria


hi people, malam ni Dayat buat JAVA at Acun's place. alum tia jauh2 membuat Java ani. pisan eh.

anyway, last nite Maria launched her album at the Mall. I didnt come because I had to do my Java, :(.

But no matter what, I still support her. She's a humble and very down to earth (inda sama ka tu? :P) lady. That's one of the thing about her that fascinates me. I'm gona get her album soon, I love her songs, yang baru2 ni lawa lah. She's got her own style and yes, there is no one else that could replace her here. Great job my friend, good luck in everything you do, I will always support you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



Okay, I know I said the next post wont be soon, haha, ECEN~~~~~~~~

Anyway, I was watching American Idol just now, well, half part of it tho, coz I had to do my work, but I was still eager to know who's gona hold the title this time. I managed to catch David Cook's performance in the beginning of the show, I questionned a bit when Ryan said it's been a tough week for David, well, I did feel the song the belted. So I googled up about David and just found that recently he lost his brother who was fighting for cancer for quite a long time. That explains why. Well David, I know the you wont probably read my blog, but incase if you do, just want to say, that you're a strong person, im sure your brother must be happy seeing you working hard and putting all of that effort dedicating it to him and those who are suffering cancer as well, job well done david.

Anyway, while I was doing my work, I heard my brother saying something out loud from the next room. I knew why and I asked...."WHO WON??"

and ladies and gents...

American Idol 2009 is...

HAHAHAHAH! Puas ating ku yo! Well, its because I dont really hate Adam Lambert, but I just dont like him that much and I would love to see someone yang biasa2 jer to win. I was hoping Danny to win this year, but then he got booted out, so tinggal kris je la, heheh, tahniah kris, teruskan menyanyi lagi, iski ku ia manang ah. hehehe. Adam lambert tu bagus.. tapi entah, dingin ku meliat. hahaha. Antah antah.

anyways, balik buat kaja!! hehehe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



So it's Wednesday today, my arms and legs are in pain, but I gotta thanks to coach J for motivating me to work out, if it wasn't for the motivation, I would still feel tired and useless, plus I do need it for the upcoming projects in June.

We're going to have CN test tomoro, I'm off to chapter 3 already, 3 more to go, but those are just calculation (JUST???). I'm gona head off to Acun later for a group revision. I havent received any update on my schedule for june, I need to sort out my schedule.

Anyway, Thanx to those who dropped by to my chat box, I know not much of updates are going on here, I'm gona have my photo blog published soon, I'm too busy now to put details on that blog, but soon after my hectic study schedule, then I'll work on it immediately.

So anyways, I guess thats the update for today, the next post won't be anytime soon. STUDY STUDY STUDY.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A dedication to my fellow mate, GT crews, BKPs, who will be graduating this saturday. Happy Graduation~

Dengar lagu graduation ani, lega rasa di dada kan, bercampur sebak pasal sekarang masing2 is going to be on their own, and bangga, pasal berjaya lepas satu peringkat, and moving forward.

So di atas ni ialah gambar2 kawan2 Dayat kan graduate hari sabtu ni, banyak lagi kawan2 Dayat yang kan graduate sabtu ni, tapi gambar dorang nada ada, hehe, sowie...
Anyhow, knowing you all memang syok and best, iski lah kan hang out sama kamu, very fun. All of you have taught me lots of lesson in life, and I thank you for that. Saturday is your big day, congratulations to all of you.
enjoy la lepas ni, hehehe, and yes, to GT, i miss menungking as well.. bila kah agaknya kita kan menungking lagi aa..
once again, CONGRATZ!!! hehehe. Iski aku ah.
This song yang sedang berputar ani, di tujukan buat korang. Enjoy~~

Vitamin C - Graduation
And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon
And there was me and you
And then we got real cool
Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at our selves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

1 - As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can we ever find a job that won't interfere with a tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

Vitamin C - Graduation (Friends Forever) -
sorry inda panjang lagu aa.. hahaha. inda ku tau cana manjang kan. he'eleeh~~~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bday adiku

Happy Belated Mothers Day.


It's 3 days late dah ni. Anyways, I dont care, hehe, I still want to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day.

Stupid mistake I did this year is when I accidentaly texted her about her age on her Birthday. Wow. I'm sorry ma, I love you, whatever I had to put through that day was worth it.

Ma, you've taught me everything in life, almost everything, mostly from both of you, mom and dad. I didnt learn to think positively and wisely before, you know how many times you had to tell me to be mature and to be more responsible and yes, most of the times it hurts me a lot, but was I thinking about why you said those? Most probably not. It took me a while to think all of these and realized that you just dont want us to live the way you were when you were around our age. You want the best for us.

Ma, I know how much I annoy you at times when I am not in my happy days. You kept it cool, you talked and spread your words softly to me, making me realize and think much of what those words could do to me. You make me realize what's important in my life.

After all these years, you've supported me in everyway, just recently I felt happy that I managed to show success in what you have been putting your supports on. Thanks for understanding my life, you're one of my only understanding soul.

Thank you for everything, thank you so much, I know I didnt get you anything on mothers day, but I love you, so so so so so much, I love you both, MA and PA.

Happy mother's Day to my ma, Hajah Nilam.

Love you always.


Salam readers

Sorry sangat pasal Dayat lama inda update, may ani lah kirakan month paling sibuk, pasal test mula bejurit ni and also in june jualah. Talking about june, to those yang setia support p2f, GOOD NEWS to you all, there might be a reunion concert. Date and venue belom confirm yet. So kena tunggu ja la, ada Dayat update lagi tu.

June jua, i'll be busy with show and re-record for p2f raya drama. Apart from that, Interim(luruskah ejaannya ah?) report mesti submit, 2 tests lagi kan di duduki(classic bunyinya).

JAVAAAA- wah. paning eh mikirkan.

Baru-baru ni jua Dayat ada menggambar for my friend's engagement, ill upload the photos nanti, hehe, had fun dengan dorang, plus kira first lah menggambar-gambar org betunang.

Anyhow, marah karang ni Eddy if ia tau Dayat blogging ryt now. huhu. Sorry di, awu, BACK to work.

Sunday, May 3, 2009



It's saturday nite, everyone is busy with their own thing. My day today was nothing much. Went to ITB in the morning to do SDP. Saw some people sitting outside the staffroom, just realized today's their interview day, good luck people. I'm not feeling really good actually, since yesterday, I think its because of lack of sleep, too tired, but today, it was a bit better.

Tadi went out with Acun and Azwan to survey some stuff for tomoro's outing. I'm going to KB tomoro, for a function. No, not singing, just doing my other job.

Anyhow, to those who asked about my album, well, to be honest, it's gona take a while for me to have one, because I need myself to be fully ready and well polished to do so, which in fact right now, I'm not at all. Don't worry, making an album is in my list, but it's not gona be anywhere soon. However, I just finished recording my nxt single, entitled Baruku Sedari, which I think I've mentioned about this before. The release is gona be somewhere in May, so just wait, I promise you, there will be more excitements to come soon, just wait and keep on supporting. :) And I love you for that. ehe..

So, basically, nothing much to blog, Im gona head off now, I'm very tired. See you.



Thursday, April 30, 2009

Work and Attitude


Ok readers, let's judge this, you went into a place, being all happy and everything, first thing you heard there was a loud voice from the worker..ASSUMING he was doing his work, but for a few moment, he stared at you, without smiling. You sit down for a few mins to think about that and tried to say it was just nothing, they didnt do anything wrong. You stood up and went to the counter to make some order. He was there as well, with his loud mouth talking to the other staffs, while he waited for the foods and just gave instructions to his work mate..IS he a manager??? No. He's just a waiter. So, you started to get a little bit annoyed with his attitude and suddenly he turned around seriously and said "BE QUEUE ah!". Lucky you had friends with you and they just took you off from thinking deep about that for a few seconds. But you still couldn't move your eyes and ears away from witnessing his shitass behaviour towards your friends. At one point he just stood there with the order form and stared at your friends for quite a moment until one of them noticed his behaviour and asked whether his going to take their orders or not. And he simply said. "Aku, kalau kamu blank, aku blank jua nie." THAT'S IT!!

Haha, sorry for the long intro, Dayat saja kan buat kamu baca batah2 and get emotional skit (adakah? haha). Dayat malar encounter ni workers yang attitudenya.. macam kana tampar saja dorang atu sebelum kaja or kana gtau yang after kaja, gaji dorang inda kana bayar langsung. What is up with that? kalau banar reason yang Dayat cakap tadi, haha, well then, sorry to say, it's not my problem. Like I said, tani ada hak kan jadi demanding at times, the times when you feel it's right... (macam lagu jua sulnya). Hello~ I know some of you might say, imagine if tani jadi dorang, well, haha, let me twist that, what if dorang jadi tani and dorang dapat layanan yang macam atu? haha. Indakah bebuyah2 hati tu. Tapi kan, pasal Dayat manusia yang bertamadun, and indakan memarahi dapannya, so, biarkan saja, haha, tapi I didnt say I wont blog about it. Oh well.

Then after that, Dayat pegi to one more place, haha, time ani kan bali Dayat(I know~ baru jua makan, mbali lagi makanan lain..but this about 2 hours later. haha. apa macam? :P) Tugal2 Dayat bediri sana menunggu kana layan, dengan sopannya Dayat cakap.."Excuse me." Wah, nada jua kana layan, ada lah Dayat nampak orang duduk2 mengusai2 something bawah counter ah, which is exactly dapan Dayat. So tunggu2 je la, walau pun that guy nampak Dayat dah, sekali, dengan ulahnya...yang macam sibuk atu, betanya tah rh Dayat "Brapa? Inti?" serious lagi mua nya, at first Dayat cakap dua saja, kali, tukar pikiran to tiga, branti ya kajap and liatnya Dayat, macam annoyed, hahaha, HELLO, balum betuang tu wahai intan payung pekerja ku marung mua macam timun bejamur tiga bulan oi~~ sepanjang ia melayan atu, MASAM saja sul muanya. Banar, mun turutkan ati, kan Dayat ambil ice lemon tea di tangan Dayat atu and suruh tuntum rh dorang inda branti2. haha. Tapi sabar, Dayat hanya mampu tersenyum, haha. Tapi dalam hati, antah, kan biut membiut dah kali menyumpah.

Pokoknya, apa yang Dayat ingin sampaikan ialah, kalau tani atu bekerja beurusan dengan customer dapan2, ertinya, jaga2 tah ulah atu, pandai2 tah melayan, i like one place di Brunei, Ayamku, if im not mistaken, dorang ada sediakan guidelines how to serve your customer. Patutkah tempat lain buat catu jua, well, if you have, I would agree on that. Tapi, if inda mau, paham2 lah, your attitude is actually a part of the factor that makes your business go either up or down. So, kalau attitude kamu macam seperti yang di atas atu, masam ganya sul sepanjang masa, kasar memanjang, insya allah, if kamu bukan boss, tempoh kerja kamu, inda batah tu eh, if kamu boss, haha, insya allah, tempoh tempat kamu di sana, inda batah jua. So, sebelum atu terjadi, tukartah ulah. bukan improve kan lagi, haha. tapi, tukar tia!

sekian wassalam

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late post - Mak's photography service

Helo again, hehe, kepada yang inda tahan kan kawin atu..hehe.. lain bunyinya... kepada yang kan kawin atu, and memerlukan servis photography, I apparently know some of them, one of them is Mak.. hehe.. my x-mate di MTSSR dulu, sikalang sudaa bisnis gambaa ha, manyaaak magus. hehe. Anyways guys, if you want to have some good shots, I can recommend you this guy.

Dayat sertakan brochurenya sini.. hehe... if bekenan.. call2 le..

Tekan ja wei gambar di atas to see size penuh.. hehe.

"Eh~ Uncle Dayat~ Si...... Ada?"

Salam again readers.

Hehe, balum abis satu post, tambah lagi satu post, well, blank, and boring, so blogging lah. Anyways, Dayat kan tanya, have you encounter kids yang kadang2 masuk ke restoran-restoran mbawa bakul, full of Foods and asked you this.."Mau bali?"

Well, sepanjang Dayat makan di sana sini, ada saja kids ani datang, bukan Dayat sanak, tapi kesian kan dorang, I mean, at times kawan-kawan dorang enjoy their time playing around being normal kids, dorang merantau, ke sana kemari, jual makanan.

I know that the parents bukannya orang susah sangat, pasal malar udah Dayat nampak dorang naik keta, after jual makanan atu, it's the same car that always wait di ujung2, arah parking, tunggu these kids abis bedagang. Well, Dayat kan tanya, if dorang inda sakit. kenapa Dorang suruh anak2 dorang atu bejual ke sana kemari? Mcm menyalah gunakan hak kanak-kanak pulang (adakah hak atu? hehe. memandai je). I know the penjaga bukan sakit kot, they could do something to help improve their financial. Tapikan, kenapa pakai kanak2 yang belum baligh atu untuk di suruh bejual sana sini. Kesian wei those kids.

Adalah one of these kids, yang malar Dayat jumpa, kenal sangat kan Dayat. Dayat indalah penyampai hati, kadang2 Dayat bali jua makanan nya. That girl malar cakap, "Eh~ Uncle Dayat~Erm.. Si....... Ada?" hehe, nama atu biarlah di rahsiakan, jangan tah di hebohkan. Anyhow, it's touching to know that this girl recognize me, dengan mukanya yang ngaleh sulnya ke sana sini, and inda tau apa2, tarus ja mengangkut bakul atu. Baru2 ani lagi, Dayat nampak one of them, kecil maseh yo, i think dalam umuran 4 or 5 tahun, bawak bakul. Bari rawan ati meliat... indakah indungnya rawan ati meliat? if pun, penjaga sebenar kanak2 ani sakit atau pun susah, come on lah beb, banyak bantuan karang ani, orang tani bukan lah karit sangat, setau Dayat ah, banyak yang sudi menghulurkan derma kepada orang-orang yang memerlukannya. Indakan dorang ani tinggal di hutan kot, sampai nada orang ampir2 meliat or mengambil tahu tentang dorang, bukan jaga tepi kain, tapi kasihan..

So people, if kamu nampak kanak-kanak ani, pernahkah terpikir.."Baik ku menolong indungnya ani.." or.."Baik pulang ku buat kempen derma untuk family kanak-kanak ani" ? Dayat ada pulang terpikir, tapi apa kan daya, badan tak mampu buat sorang-sorang, nada kuasa kan buat catu, tapi if korang rasa it's a good idea, tell me, maybe we can collabo..(wah..macam lagu rap kan..) to help them. Ndalah banyak, dalam sebiji dua rumah bungalow mewah, wah, hahaha, nadalah, sedaya mana yang mampu lah.. oh well, it's just a dream, a good dream.

To the parents of these kids, kalau sehat tu, buat cara sehat, my friend ada cakap, beli makanan dari kanak-kanak yang belum baligh inda halal, betulkah? inda tau lah.... tapi, kesian kan kanak-kanak tu, if pun susah hidup, pohon lah bantuan dari pihak-pihak yang berwajib.

Missed A Test


hi readers, sorry lama banar kan update, anyways, revision week is on the loose. luruskah tu? haha. anyways, Dayat inda attend test today, coz I had a huge headache, went to the clinic to have a med.check up, skali kana gtau, blood pressure tinggi, waaaah.. banar2 udah behidup tu. So, took an mc and continued resting the whole day.

What have I been doing lately? well, I am currently doing a lot of research on our SDP, i had to use my phone to google, WHY?? Laptop Dayat LCDnya.. hmm.. macam kain.. eh, udah jua Dayat gto. Anyways, it's still in the workshop, so what I could do now is to use the desktop, oh yes, the old desktop, yang lagging to the max.. makin siuk tia buat kaja. WOW.

Last friday, had my recording for my next single, called Baruku Sedari. Alhamdulilah, malam atu jua abis, well, ada pulang lagi kan di usai, but just some small part saja, not much. So, after that, tunggu kana master and release lah. It's a tough song, I have to say. Changing an Alternative song to an RnB ish tune, cam.. wow. payah tahap maksima. tapi, thanks to the people yang bekerjasama, thanks pasal sabar dengan Dayat yang kadang2 demanding ani, hehe, demanding ani perlu jua kadang2, tapi only at certain part saja.

Took some photos on that day, bukan plg Dayat yang ambil, but our assistant, Hiew, hehe.

So peepz, tunggu and dengarkan single terbaru Dayat nanti. Watch out. apakan. hehe.