Friday, February 27, 2009


Hey guys, sorry lagging skit kan mengupdate. Btw, been busy lately, with SDP proposals and also some practises. Latest project is the p2f Raya, which we had to practise awal brabis, so far it went well, tinggal voice recording and shooting saja lagi.

Hopefully this year bnyk rezeki, Amin. Last nyt I saw one of my CIS classmate in JP, dining in with his friends. I was talking to him about what we did, and he said,"ohh..pasal atu tah ko aher saja datang?" well, half2 la, some reason that I came late was because I could not sleep early lately. But yea, I told him, yea, and he was the witness of me and my activity; I am not just making that as an excuse.

Nothing interesting happened lately, sorry to all yang menagur aku rh msn, but aku tetido dah, hehehe, so.. kepada yang mengingul pasal elaun ah.. hahah. ITS OUT. lanja2 tah orang b'day kemarin ah, and also today.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GHAN!!! Wanita Ganas inda si akun. hehe. nada dih. Cali tu ia ah, tarus tarang but cali. hahahah.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I was bored yesterday, menunggu orang me msg2 untuk buat sdp, langsung nada. So, I took out september and gambar these kids. hehehe. It's funny sometimes to see them holding the flags, dorang macam ke calian jua, macam iski jua. But what surprised me yesterday was one of them said, "Amit, merdeka!" and they're only below 10 years old ? Tani yang adult ani, udah orang cakap merdeka, baru tah tani."Uhh. Merdeka! yeay!" hahaha. Are we being proud of our country or we're just not sure of it? I my self terasa masa he said that, so now, I am correcting it and should all of us be proud of our country.

I am proud of it. Anyway, Brunei's celebrating it's 25th National Day today, so datang la lagi kemeriahan di Brunei, where you can see a lot of people, having fun, running around, laughing, giggling, just having a good time for the time being. Sama2 menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan. Well, sorry to some of you, aku inda ikut marching, I got my own valid reason, I'm serving for the country as well, but in a different way. So, you and I are just the same. Dont Complain. :)

So to you outthere, tonite at 9 pm, dont miss it, at RTB2, Ria Merdeka will be aired. You can watch us the p2f singing patriotic songs.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missing my friends

Dont you feel sick sometimes when you feel like you really want to spend time with your friends, you just cant because of time. I could be busy at times when they invited me for a hang out or the other way around.

Missing so many classes for this week, dont blame me, or anyone else. Staying alone at home, without anyone else, makes you feel sick sometimes.

Gosh. Im not complaining tho. I just miss my friends. So much. sigh.


Fuh~~ ngaleh bum ku duduk2. hehe. what was I doing? I was linking kamu2 yang link Dayat. hehehe. Thanks aa.

Isuk Brunei turns 25th. I mean, celebrates its 25th National Day. hehehe. aku iski~~

oh ya, btw, watch us at rtb2, tomoro, 9 pm, Ria Merdeka. hehehe. Cana ka sulnya. dub dab dub dab Dayat nunggu.

Adakah Awda Stress? belilah majalah Playboy ini (yang covernya ani ah, bukan yang lain) hahaha.

Dui..probably he needs a car..(NO. IM NOT GIVING AWAY MY CAR)

Is this being too lazy or rajin sangat?

This is what I call a tight security measure.

Err..orang blakang atu saja2 or plastic atu sakit?

Just like doraemon, write whereever you want on that board and tarus ke sana tu. (Writing down...Paris! Paris!)

This is another type of security measure..but plainly stupid.

Jom teman2. kalau letih main bola, kita main golf, lepas tu boleh mandi. La La La~

Jaga gugur Jun!

Way back in the years of where CREATIVITY is in mix with ECONOMY crisis, terciptalah..Filter Butul plastic bekaran.
Hehe. Jgn mental meliat ye.. if mental.. like I said.. belilah majalah Playboy yang becover di atas tadi atu saja ah. confirm. pingsan. hilang masalah.

Friday, February 20, 2009




hehe. sorry ah, if balik2 tukar layout. a friend of mine said, sakit matanya meliat blogskin ku tukar2, and true, aku pun paning, i just want it simple. well.. hehe. sadang lah simplenya.

so, here it is. sorry balum ku telink some of you guys, sal banyak kan di buat, soon~~ very soooooon~ i promise.

ok, what did i do last week. Well, banyak class nada last week, since banyak rehearsal untuk national day, YES people, I'm not joining the marching, sal i got something to do on that day jua, for the national day jua. So yeah~

I got some of my friends ingau kan aku busy saja dgn show, well, thank you people for that, no worries, i am trying my best to cope up with the studies as well. For some, they made a joke, everytime orang cari aku di class, they'll say.."RECORDING-RECORDING!" well, i know 'who' said that, thank you for saying that or for your effort to pollute others about my personal life. FYI. I know what to do with my life and I decide what I want to do, so far, I dont see my self borrowing your cash or touching your coins for my studies or my job. So, yeah, I hope you understand, and I have to admit, nice style you got there, I think the over the height pouch is WAY to cool. MPB.

So, yea, I was invited to perform for Anugrah RTB this year. It was such an experience, I really loved it, and I enjoyed performing with them. Maria, Putri and Faiz were so nice and fun. Siuk lah. Hopefully next year ada lagi, hehe, Amin~ ehehe.

Now, Im just stressing my self with SDP proposal, sorry to Eddy sal aku MIA saja, but no worries, I did my job and I wont disappoint you Eddy and Sil. hehehe.

There will be another recording soon (YES to mr 'WHO', ada lagi. :) ). I gotta be ready for that.

Oh yea, today we had a visit to the I-Centre, I know Im being like so sakai but IT WAS FUN sana. I mean, the speaker was so fun and entertaining, it was not like a lame boring speech, I like it. and oh yea, what I like about that place is that it has cool security system. If you want to know what I mean, just go there. GERENTI~~ inda nyasal. hehe.

balik rumah, my sister's maid told me that my lil brother is in the hospital, tangannya patah, pasal telipat masa tegugur, ndalah trok brabis, apakan?? sakit jua kali ah. ingau ku lehnya.

So now, im off to bed. AWAL ah. hehe. SADANG. ngaleh saya. hehe.


Friday, February 13, 2009


Salam people.

Sorry for the MIA. It's been a rough week for me. SDP's starting soon, I'm in a group with Eddy and Silah, guys, we work together yea. I may be the one who always have the tight schedule, but I'll do my best to keep this group and project hit its target.

I'm performing for Anugrah Rtb this sunday, singing along with Maria, Putri Norizah and Faiz Nawi. Honestly, I cant believe that myself, well, it's luck, and I'm thankful that I've been given this chance. So people, dont forget to watch Anugrah Rtb this sunday.

Currently, I'm listening to Chris Brown fet Keri Hilson, Super Human. Some of the lyrics are like:

Where every problem is gone becauseI flew everywhere with love inside of meIt's unbelievable to seeHow love can set me free.

People, if you think that love solves everything, some might be true, know the answer.

One of my, This is the moment, the song I brought during the final, it really lift up my spirit and confidence level up . Part of the verse that I really-really like, I just have share it with you..

"For all this year, I've faced the world alone, and now the time has come, to prove to them I've made it on my own"

Now, that's true. I hope the benefits will continue.

Some of you want me to link you, well, for the moment, I wont be able to do that yet, but I'll do it soon. I promise.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi people.

Sorry lama kan update skit, hehe, I'm just lazy sometimes.

Anyway, last time I had a question by a good friend of mine, to talk about some topic. I promised that I would blog about it. well, here it goes.

Some says communication is very important in life. TRUE. I agree on that 100% BUT sadly, some could only emphasize that by TEXT. I remember some saying that you wont go around that much if you dont ask, well, that's it, communicating-VERBALLY(luruskah ejaan ku tu?).

To me, communication involves all.. via TEXT, BODY LANGUAGE and VERBALLY. There is no point of you stressing out how communication is seriously needed in life by words.. you gotta work on it, I've heard people saying Less word, more action.. well in this case, i have to change that to More words, more action.

so if you that I am wrong, well then, I'm sorry, you can correct me, but so far, this is what I believe.

That's it. :) hehe. C you around people.

1.Copy the badge ' Cute's 3 blogger AWARD ' di atas dan letakkan diblog anda.

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ni.

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih peserta seterusnya.

4. Anda harus memilih 10 blogger penerima award ini.

5. Jgn lupa melawat blog 10 blogger penerima award ini bagi memberitau " anda di tag".
I love..and I am...
1. Singing.. nyehnyehnyeh
3. Photography..
4.Silly at times..
5.Friendly..kan kan kan?
6.Openminded..haha..kes nada g kan di type.
7.Loving person
8.Music so much.
9.Thinking of something ryt now..
The next 10 receiver would be:
the first 10 people who reads my blog..oh.. and that..includes AZWAN again. hahahaha.
I got tagged by Azwan btw.
1.My whore friend. hahaha. kidding wan.
2.His name is Azwan, but prefer to be call Neves..
3.Neves is Seven tebalik.. hahaha..wat if it was Tujuh... HUJUT tu eh. haha. CALI2.
4.His into fashion.
5.He rates people! hahaha. beware!! hahaha
6.A good shopping advisor.
7.A good photographer and very passionate towards it.
8.His still a whore. hahaha.
9.He doesnt drink milo..WEIRD much.
10.He mad coz we actually milo and coffee..seriously.. i dont know where Mocha comes from. hahaha.
11.Rambutnya lawa. which makes me hate him so much. hahaha.
12.TIONG. hahaha.
The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/ herself.
1. I am Dayat, some call me Day or D.
2. I love making new friends.
3. I honestly don't like BO or bad breath.. I might smile.. but I wont tell.. tak ku sampai hati.
4. I love talking so much. as well as singing
5. I still love my mazda. Aww~~
6. I love photography.
7. I can't pose that well.. unlike Azwan.. who can't seem to get enough of it.
8. I love art.
9. I smile a lot. haha. kali lah.
10. I hate liars. but wth. Get use to it!
At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
Stil..first 10 people yang masuk keblog ku.. and si Azwan included. haha.
1. Tag 9 friends.
2. Choose your answer and leave your comment in a bracket for each.
aku tag..
10 less one..first people yang masuk blog ku.. including AZWAN. hahaha.
1. Would you rather be blind or be deaf?
Blind(at least I can still talk..or sing..)
2. Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
Leg(So i can still hit you.. lol)
3. Would you rather become uglier or stupider?
Uglier(I need my I can work out something with my looks)
4.Would you rather be more rich or more attractive?
Rich(so I can make more attraction out of it..apakanz..)
5.Would you rather be blonde or brunette?
Brunette(coz blond doesnt match with my color)
6.Would you rather have a third eye in the middle of your head, or a horn in the middle of your head?
A third eye in the middle of my head(coz I cant have other view when I'm bored looking at you. lol)
7.Would you rather it be winter forever or summer forever?
Winter(No comment..)
8.If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, would you rather it be sweet or salt?
Sweet(Salty tu nyaman.. but cam.. antah ah.. karing leher wah.. ahaha..apakan.. beceta aku ah..)
9.If you could choose a super power, would you rather be able to fly or move objects?
Fly(coz i dont need a ticket to travel)
10.If you had to be an animal, would you rather live in the ocean or on the land?
Land(coz I dont like the ocean that much.. some part of it..scares me a lot)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

At last..

At last, selama 1 bulan menunggu, heheh, kini, semua pertanyaan yang MALAR kana tanyakan rh Dayat sudah terjawap.

On 30th January, 2009, I woke up pretty early, Dayat inda dapat tidur mikirkan the big THING in that morning. Woke up and saw my parents udah bangun, prepare2 and then tarus jalan for hair and make up. hehe. I know~ that early~

Sampai ke NBT, few orang tagur, all I could do was thank and smile to them, hehe, dalam ati kabak2. Saw my management inside. Skali, dalam sekelip mata saja, gambar2, a little interview and a lot of laughters.

First person yang ikut was my Mom, my Dad drove back home, since he brought his own car. Back at home, I felt a bit sad, haha, I know~ sad~ meliat keta Mazda Dayat, so I took him for a wash and kept him in a good condition, BEJASA tu Mazda ah and yes, I love using both of them.

So now people, hehe, there you go~ The VIOS is here, hehe. Thank you to NBT for the support and sponsor, without these supports, there wont be a strong based of trust towards the local talents, these kind of support means a lot to the local entertainment industry. I won this car after facing through the 6 months of intensive training, full of cries, laughter and sweet moments. Basically, it was worth of waiting, 1 month, with good reasons, thank you again to NBT for keeping it in good condition. Not forgetting as well to the press that came that day, thank you once again for coming, we need the power of the press a lot to make us move further in this industry, thank you once again. Thank you to GCC for awarding the grand prize, thank you for the good management and thank you for keeping us safe and maintained. Hope to see more in the future, Amin. Lastly, thank you so much to my fans, friends and family, and sesiapa je lah yang support Dayat, im gona say this again and im not bored of saying it, Thank you so much for listening to me with your ears and heart and not with your eyes, thank you for the support, thank you for believing in me. Ill do a mini photo project with my new car soon, hehe, i'll upload it once done, hehehe.

Thank you once again, GERENTI~~~~~~ ingat besar ingat DAYAT~~~