Friday, May 30, 2008


Last nyt, I was hangin out with the GT somewhere around Brunei. It's a usual nite out, we had our food and started talkin.

As the nite went on, we were playin cards (dont get us wrong, no money involved), I could only watched coz I dont even know how to play those (I know~ Boring Life huh?). I was staring at this couple of guys, with something in their hand. That something is an alcoholic drink.

Rider told me that it's common in Brunei and I dont have to worry about it. That shut me up for quite a while.

I had thots wandering in my head, WHY? HOW? WHY????

Then Rider started saying that he was also dissapointed with the youngsters nowadays, being one himself, he could feel the blame of all people.

"What happened to the Bruneians nowadays?" That question came out from Rider's head, we were both thinking the same thing. Not that I'm trying to be busybody with someone's personal life, I'm not even talking about personal life here, it was a group of youngsters, doing it in Public, if you want to call it personal, do it at your home then.

What shocked me also is that, Marchboy was pointing to the big Holy words displayed inside one of the restaurant walls that quotes "La Haula Wala Quata I'lla Billah".

"Ya Allah" That is the only thing I could said when I realized that.

Rider said, that Holy words had been displayed there for quite a long time. I know that's good, but is it still GOOD if you are using your premises to sell Alcoholic drinks too?? A premises with that Holy words?? Hmmm..

You may call me boring or no fun at all, up to you, but I'm just shocked with these things. What happen to our Bruneian Youngsters nowadays, especially the Muslim ones? Why would you want to involve yourself with such mess?

I myself may not be that perfect as well, I'm also not a strong person, but if there is one thing that I wont let myself fall into, is the Alcoholic drink. I may eat a lot(in private or public), I may smoke (I dont actually), I may hang out, be loud and be a jerk, but I may never ever touch Alcoholic drinks. I dont hate those drunk "Bruneian Youngsters", I'm just dissapointed. Very.

Dont talk to me about law if this post seemed to be a threat or an invasion of you personal's life, you yourself should think first about your life with the LAW if they find out your sneaky little behaviour.

No, it DID not disturb me, but it upset me a lot. I didn't get hurt physically, but emotionally and mentally, FYI, it affects NOT just to my self BUT to all other youngsters out there who DID not deal with those mess, think of the blames they are getting just because of you, think of the parents views about them, think of the views from people outside BRUNEI, think of BRUNEI, all JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.

Get yourself together people. Sorry if you're offended by this, I'm just expressing my thoughts, whereelse could it be apart from my own blog.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drifting and paning. Pregnant?? NO~~

Today is the first day of our Exam. I could say, it's 40%-60% effort's paid off. Eddy and I only slept for 2 hours, we worked really hard (with Oreo, Tim Tam, Ice Cream and Nasi Katok along the way~ thanks Mum :) )

I spent almost 50 mins on question number 1! After the exam, we went to Gadong for lunch. Eddy was so stress, he drifted his car quite a number of times, I could only sit and close my eyes, hoping things wont happen again. I wanted to puke, well, we wanted to, haha, but we kept it, and just held on to it. I just dont know how Eddy did that with that driftings.

Halim had his card today, yeay! enjoy Lim. Oh yea, congratz to my cuz, Asde, for making it to finals. U can do it cuz! hehehe.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


You're so beautiful like Madona,


You make me Crazy about you,

You Are The Girl That So Glamour,


I'm So Crazy Because of You.

This song tells you how he cares about his friend jua at the same time his loving this girl.. hahaha. apakan.. lawa interpretation ku ah..

Love the dance.. hehehe.. SOMETHING TO PUT IT FOR MY SHOW. HAHAHAHAAHAH! (Seriously people, dont even TRY to IMAGINE)

Tapi.. TABIK YO! THE HAT STICKS~~ well.. almost.. hehehe.. but still! hahaha.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Apa baik ah?


for this coming week and the week after.. that's all you need to put in mind. not you, but me actually! sian eh kmi ani eh.

Exams coming soon, after that, bnyk to plan, kn blayar jua, kn hang out jua, kn kaja jua, kn mkn jua. hehehe.

Oh yeah, masa tu ku buring2, timbul tah idea kn mengedit2 gambar. hehe. liat la sndiri. comment2 le.. hehe.

Haha.. spoil eh gambar ani.. ada tia jua cacak beria atu.. inda apa.. candid2! haha!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Waiting for nothing

The thing that I dont like the most, seeing her. I dont hate her, not at all, but seeing her breaks my heart apart.

I was a kid that time, love wasn't included in my dictionary during that time. A cute girl approached me and became a good friend of mine. We were like siblings, I was so happy to have a sister who has the same age as mine during that time.

Time went on, we were like unseparatable, breakfast together, having the same food, sitting together, laughing and eating at the same time. She was very motivative to me, we both studied really hard and always scored high marks. I remember one time, we both got the same mark and got treated by our class teacher one nasi bungkus each. Only the both of us did, and we were so happy.

One day, she pulled my hand and ran with me. She brought me to a place, somewhere private, she whispered "I Love You" to me. I didnt know what kind of feeling I had during that time, I had this butterfly inside me and my heart was somehow warm, I couldnt say anything apart from saying "I Love You" back to her.

Well, we were kids, we didnt know what LOVE was. 3 years after that, we were still good friend, although we were not in the same class anymore. She approached me everytime she saw me. A year later, I guess, bored with the approaching thingy and also, that time, boys were doing their thing, girls with their own, we somehow, became a bit different. I hardly see her coming by and I was starting to miss all of that.

Towards the end of our year at that school, we were free, free like a bird, that was the time, she ran to me and gave me some chocolates. Seeing her was a relief.

I used to talk to her on the phone all the time, talking to her was really fun. But towards our secondary years, we got separated. We are still lucky that our mothers are friends.

About a year ago, we had a function at our home, she was not there, I got news from the mother that she's leaving, furthering her studies abroad. I gave her mom my contact and asked her to pass it over.

I waited and waited, from days to months, still, nothing. One day, I was shopping for my stuff, a lady approached me and smiled. How surprising, to see her, standing infront of me, I wasnt really paying attention to her words, I was just mesmerised with her beauty, BUT, there was a guy with her, hmmm.. there goes my chance.

For years, I held onto her words, and waited so long to have it back, but I guess I was too late. TOO LATE. She's now happy with someone better, beautiful couple.

It's a lie if I said that I wont feel anything everytime I think of her, it's a lie if I said I dont even think of her anymore. I miss her a lot. May she be happy with her beloved ones. Amin.

Hiking And Tungking

Hey.. hehe, I'm suppose to be at the ICC today, but yeah, I overslept. hehe.

Yesterday, Me and Adi went to Shahbandar, my early plan was to go for a jog at Damuan, heheh, but Adi wanted to go to Shahbandar, so yeah I said, why not.

Arrived at around 4 pm, did some stretching, then moved on wards to the first hill. As I went up, I started to breathe deeply and Adi kept on advising me to control my breath and not to look up, try to look down all the time. As it was few more steps to reach the first hill, my back started to feel heavy, it went down to legs, I just could hardly move, instead of making a big step, I was actually dragging my feet, NOW THAT SHOWS HOW LONG HAVE I LEFT HIKING.

After the success of reaching the first hill, I had a few mins break, took out my cam and started to take few shots, haha, which most of them are blurry coz my hand was shaking hard! Then I moved on to the second hill.

On my way to the second hill, my back was giving a hard time again, I stopped and told Adi to moved on. Adi said that he didnt want that, he wanted both of us to move. Haha, such a huge friend support. Thanks man. But yeah, I called it quit, told him to go up and wait for me in 5 minutes, if i'm not there, he'll find me at the grandstand, which by now, you would probably know which one did I choose. Hehe.

On my way to the grandstand, I felt so bad for Adi, so I went down hill to buy some drinks for him, using a car. hahahaha.

An hour after, Adi came back to the grandstand, he was not smiling to me, haha, so I gave him the drink, he wanted to yell at me for not trying, but then, I managed to cool him down, by giving him the drink. hehehe. safe one.

It's been a while I havent been to Shahbandar, I missed the tasik there.So me and Adi went to the tasik and had a lite chit chat.

Then at nite, I went to JP with Adi, Indra and Mizan. Mizan a bit late that nite, he was busy with *something*. hahaha.

I bought Tungking, coz that was our plan, JP has the best Tungking ever. Went to Alladin and sat there. As usual, we started off by telling ghost stories to each other, experiences and so on, we are like the ghost stories hunter, exciting but creepy! haha. Everyone had goosebumps, Mizan came along and changed the topic.

As he did his jokes, I ordered the Alladin Chicken Sandwich, haha, so much to the hiking,LOL.

We talked and talked, brought up the memories in Temburong OBBD and had a huge laugh on that. Then towards the end of the session, Mizan brought back the creepy topic, he told us there is this one song that can call the Ponti's. I had goosebumps and told him to stop, haha, but he moved on and talked about it, I kept my head away and wandered around, hehe, trying my best not to think too much on that.

Adi has something new tho, hehe, a very nice hot new one, I'm not sure if I am allowed to say so, but for a safe side, I better zip it off first. hehehe.

We went home at 2 am, haha, I rushed coz my tummy hurts. Nature Call. hehehehe.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We just had our test yesterday, our CS test and it was a relief!

We were revising at my place, as usual, we stayed up late, I slept at 3, Eddy slept an hour early before that. I wasn't really worried the night before the test, I tried to, but, still I was all relax.

On the day itself, I started to feel a bit cold, I sweat a lot, having all of those that I have revised fully packed inside my head, making my heart beat every second, yes, feeling worried and excited.

After the test, we had a lil recap on the ISM topics and after that, me, Eddy and the rest of the CIT23 went to the Berakas Beach, it was unplanned, it was just to release our tension.

Iza was there too, she brought us to C.A Mohammed and had our early dinner there. I tried the Mee Mamak, it was soooooo goood!!!! hahaha.

skali went home, hehe, my lens karing udah, hahaha, so yea, that's all I did for today. hehe. kes nada kn di blog.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


1. What disappoints you the most?
-Friends taking me as a tool, not as a friend.

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
- Paris, NYC and Indonesia~

3. What's your favourite thing to do?
- What ARE my favourite things to do? heheh.. Blogging.. Designing.. Surfing.. Chatting.. REVISING(OH YESS) and singing..

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
- 50-50, at times, it does makes me happy.

5. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be
- To find that true lady..

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
- NO! hahahah!

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
- My family and My friend..

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
- Invest it! Charity work. Start my own business baby.

9. When your single and you saw someone who caught your attention, would make a move?
- the question is - do i know how to make that move? me.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
- She's cute and very open minded. Loves chocolate so much! hahaha.

11. What makes you happy?
- money? hahah, no lah, wat makes me happy is to see my family and friends happy..

12. What type of person(s) do you hate the most?
- Braggers. Liars. Two-face. Selfish.

13. What is your ambition?
- What are my ambitions? hahaha. majal. To be a successful person in studying, singing and designing! and.. to be a good hubby. hehehe.

14. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
- why a superpower saja? hahaha. I want to have the power to be fly and to read someone's mind.

15. Ever think of having a serious relationship with the person who tagged you? Why?
- hahahaha. Sapa jua mau aku ani. hahahaha. and Eddy quote "Biar tah ku mbujang smpai ke tua nah." hahhaa.

16. If you were a car/bike what would it be?
- A good and fast one? lol.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
- My negative thinking. God..

18. What music have you been listening to recently?
- Afghan - Terima Kasih Cinta

19. What is(are) your least favourite animal(s)?
- Snakes and rats.

20. what is your habit now?
- Non stop eating. haha. wana join? lets pack those fats baby!
Oh yea.. mls ku kn tag anyone, heheh, im a boring person..biar tia wah.. hahaha.. inda jua kurang usin kmu tu. hahahaha. if kurang.. haha.. sori aja..:P

Sad sad ending.

Gosh.. So much things to say in so little time.

The studio im currently is closed - confirmed. I went there about a week ago, to my surprise, everything was held up, with prices tagged on it. On my way to the recording room, I started to recall back all of the memories I had in that studio, how we did a practise together, how we all had fun in that particular place, how I used to help humming some melodies for them.

As I entered that room, I sat down on the couch and asked for the minus ones. The manager was also busy at the same time, talking to one of his co-worker, doing some installations. The co-worker then popped up the topic of the manager's leaving Brunei. I did not want to hear it, but I couldn't do anything, moving out from that room would be an obvious step telling them how much I dont want to know about that.

I sat down and forced my self to listen to the whole conversation, keeping that fake smile on my face. Them talking about that, brought me some more memories about the studio, I stared at the ceiling and tried to close my eyes. I knew if I dont keep my head away from that conversation, I would burst to tears.

Why am I so sad about it? well, the first thing is, just like I've mentioned, it's a sad sad thing to remember back all of those memories you had in that studio, those are very priceless, and just couldnt be switched with something else. Second, what happen to the future you're building in that place? does this mean, it goes down to the drain or you just have to wait for years to come just to make your future a reality?

Sad..very sad.. it would be nice to have a formal ending, people would appreciate that, I know I would.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Temburong Rocks

Yesterday was one of the most exciting moment I've ever had. I was invited by Archmedia and Telbru to mc the mega carnival show and to perform few number. I was pretty worried during my journey to Temburong, butterflies in my stomach, plus, I was road sick. Asde was also invited, he was to perform 3 songs.

As we reached the Bumiputra Complex, I was so amazed with the scenery there, it didnt look and feel like Brunei, as if, I was somewhere in Sabah. We had our breakfast there, we had cucur udang, it's been a while I havent had cucur udang. After that, I was called up to announce the crowd about the event. I was pretty nervous at first, stumbled on few words, but that at least help my adrenaline to cool down.

Stuart came along to help me out on stage, at the first few minutes, I was so bad, I didnt even know what I was talking about, but as it went on, I got used to it and started to enjoy the whole show. My parents were there to watch the show, thanks to them for the support and for the help, Love you both.

For my first song, I sang Akhir Cerita Cinta, I didnt know the response was that good, the crowd applaused and had few thumbs up from the crowd. Previously, Asde managed to melt down some of the female audience with his number, "Sandaran Hati" and "Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta", everytime his name was mentioned, the female audience got mad.

Stuart said"I wish I can sing like him." The audience wanted more of my performance, so, as a gift for their support, I sang another track called "Seribu Tahun", as I sang, I spun around the center and look up to the audience, they responded very well, god.. I just love the people so much.

3 ladies came up to me before I did my last song, complimenting on the show. I found out from one of them that they also like to sing and performed quite a number of time in Temburong, so, as a request, I asked them to sing one song for me, Asde tagged along and listened to these ladies. I was amazed by them, they could really go as a group, good vocals and good support. Some lady approached us and asked for our contacts, we talked a lil bit and found out again, that this lady, is also a singer, and the daughters too! wow. Temburong is full with talented people, hidden somewhere in that place.

What amazed me so much, is that, the response, their acceptance towards the local talents, one lady even said, "Dangarkan yang local dulu, baru dangar yang luar". The guys in Temburong, not like the typical guys, they supported the locals very much and was accepting us very well. Thank you Temburong people, also, Thank You to the rest of you for the support, not just in Temburong, also in the other 3 districts.

I'm just a human being, I believe in good intention(is there any more fun word than that?), believe in yourself .

Thanks to Telbru and Archmedia for inviting, Thank you Temburong and a happy belated mothers day to my mom.

(Sorry, I left my cam at home yesterday, so I didnt get any photos, So SaYANGG!)


Me singing pernah during the CIS graduation dinner 2007. I miss those time.

Akhir Cerita Cinta

Me singing during the MRS. Thanks chy for the vids, hehe.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stupidness is yours.

Something happened last nite, while busy dream weaving, someone texted me up on MSN, someone whom I dont really like, especially in MSN, the stupidity~ arrggh! I just cant stand it.

As usual, this person asked how I was doing and what was I up to, so I replied that I was doing my work, hoping to be left alone, un bothered with the stupidness. But, somehow, that person kept asking, simple questions, which I found very stupid, I mean, come on! even my nephew could answer that question. Then, this person asked me to do something that I dont want to do, something that is to mess up with some one's life, especially when you really know that person, and knowing that person has just broke up, or not, whatever it is, I dont mess up with someone's life, I'm not like this person I was chatting with. I rejected the request politely, but this person kept on insisting me to do it and even asked me to offer my friend to do the job, which I think is STUPID. I replied that I wont be doing that, but then, I was accused being very unappreciative and very stubborn for not accepting a good deed? WTF?? which part of the world did you get that from?? GOD~ remind me to stop you from joining the teaching practise course, you could be the next demolisher(is there such word?)

So yea, be reminded again, not everyone is like you, not everyone likes what you do, not everyone think its that funny.

Anyhow, back to last nite, I was dream weaving with Eddy (sounds kinky but NOT!) I was facing the laptop all day long, Eddy was doing the same thing, we both had a stressful situation. I thot dream weaving wont be that stressful, but hey~ I had an hour sleep only, due to that. Wow!

I'll be going off to Temburong tomoro(how do you really spell this????), and I have a PC test on monday, yeay! What a life.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday, i hung out with Adi, Indra, Mizan and Kiyar. We went to watch Iron men, gila.. siuk brabis, Kiyar watched it twice, and he was being soooo good, he didnt say a word at all during the whole show. We had our late dinner at KFC, hehe, it was fun being with them. Siuk and Gila.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Today we had our SAM test, god~ it was so hard, well, not really hard, it turns hard when I cant the balance. Daym~

Anyhow, schedules are gettin tight, here and there with things to do, especially TEST - we cant run away from it.

This morning I came to ITB at around 9 ish, I was thinking to wear something different, few different thots clashes and yea, at last, I just moved on with whatever I had. hahaha, does that make sense? hahaha. biar ya eh.

Me and Indra went to watch Congkak just now, HELL~~! It was one of the most scariest movie I've ever seen, hahaha, the sound effect kills!

After that, I went straight home, thot of something to do tomoro afternoon, something really important. Ya Allah, mudahan jua ok bisuk, Amin..

Friday, May 2, 2008


It's the last day of our JAVA doom's day. Java is good.. but still, I Dont Like It.

Sian eh kmi ITBians, inda cukup tido, inda cukup rehat, ada yg sakit and does that menangguh kan due date assignment kmi? NO. I wish. God..Have Mercy On Us.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


JAVA's making me sick.
I cant get a clue of anything. There's always a right for me to be moody now. Right now. Get the hint, get the clue.
Dont ask if I aint responding. Dont. Just Dont.