Monday, April 12, 2010



So guys, it's been a hell of a while. lol. Same old reason, in fact getting busier and tighter this year.

I am currently struggling with my time, rushing here and there everyday, doing the things that i like.. and some that i dont, :S It's a part of work, so my words dont really count.

This is April already, we're gona have our Exams soon, i'll be staying up late, till the exam ends. What do I have in store in May onwards? well, 3 months of Holiday, as in NO STUDIES, well, mostly tho, SDP starts off June, but still, Holiday! Looking forward for that actually.

My friends are going to KK and KL, I saw it on their calendar board, I wanted to join.. well, Ill think about it.

p2f 3 started off well this year, saw few talented ones. Who do you think will win? I dont know too.