Monday, December 29, 2008


Alhamdulillah, selama 6 bulan usaha kami semua, Dayat berjaya mengharungi segalanya, and Syukran, Dayat sendiri inda menyangka Dayat mendapat gelaran Juara. Bagi Dayat, semua finalist malam atu hebat2 belaka, semua sudah berusaha kuat.
Di kesempatan ni, Dayat ingin ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada pihak GCC dan RTB kerana memberi peluang kepada kami untuk membuktikan orang-orang kitani pun berbakat. Tidak lupa juga kepada Famili, Saudara, Nenek-nenek, hehe, yang tetangis2 meliat Dayat menyanyi, hehe, kepada Sahabat, Peminat2, Penyokong2 Dayat, jutaan terima kasih di ucapkan, terima kasih pasal percaya yang Dayat buleh buat and mau mendengarkan Dayat dengan Hati dan Telinga kalian semua.
Kepada para penaja baju kami, Artly Design, Muchedini, and for hair and make up, Shahdon Style Icon, Thank you so much for making us look good on TV, you've done a great job. Terima kasih jua kepada orang2 belakang tabir - Sound, Lighting, Staging, Band, Dancers, Back Up Singers, to DJ Zayn and Ashraff for hosting the event, to Pelangi FM DJ's for interviewing us, and the effort in promoting us and other local talents, thank you so much. Thank you to the media, Borneo Bulletin, Media Permata, Brunei Times, Ranoadidas and other Media for the promotion and coverage.
Kepada yang kirimsalam, hehe, Walaikumsalam, hehe, kepada yang Add Dayat rh FS, FB, MSN and also Blog, thank you so much, Dayat maseh g dalam process me add balik, heheh, Thank you for the support, I love you all so much.

*picture taken from Ranoadidas, hehe.

Saturday, December 27, 2008



Hi people, it's only hours to go the biggest moment in my life, this is it, after 6 months intensive training, i've been through a lot, ups and downs, ive gained and lose some, life in this industry is not as easy as it may seem, it needs a lot of patience, strength

Dayat banyak belajar dari p2f, also Dayat sendiri inda sangka yang Dayat ada peminat, sebelum ani, Dayat merasakan yang Dayat ani inda lah seganteng mana, sehebat mana untuk di minati, tapi im wrong, i'm surprised to know that I have fans. Thank you to all of my fans, I really cant go this far without you all.

Nanti semua tepulang kepada takdir, Dayat sudah berusaha sedaya upaya untuk mengecapi impian Dayat and semua orang, jadi kepada para penyokong Dayat, keep on voting and doakan lah Dayat dapat buat yang terbaik nanti di final. Dayat tujukan persembahan Dayat nanti untuk semua penyokong dan pengundi Dayat.

Oh ya, nanti pagi, ada sesi bertemu peminat di Mall Fitness zone Gadong, sempena pelancaran Album EP, jgn lupa untuk bertemu dengan p2f finalist kesayangan kamu, hehe, i'll be there definitely. LOL. Adam AF2 is also coming, just come and bring all of your family, friends and who ever, as long as they dont bite, hehe, kidding.

Hmm, im extremely nervous, doakan Dayat buat yang terbaik ah, Amin~


Monday, December 22, 2008


hi Salam people.

Alhamdulillah, I've made it this far, one more concert to go, the FINAL. Dayat kabak2 menunggu detik2 concert atu.

So this saturday, I'll be singing two songs - a local track from Milin, Ku Tak Akan and also an english track from eric santos - This is the moment. HONESTLY - THOSE SONGS ARE CHALLENGING!! I'll try to do my best again for this Final, WAIT - I HAVE TO!!

Dayat ingin ucapkan terima kasih yang tak terhingga to all yang support Dayat and percaya yang Dayat buleh buat, thank you so much, I want to thank Muchedini for the great outfits, to Shahdon Style Icon for the hair do and make up, huge Thank you also to RTB, GCC, Baiduri, Aewon, DST, Incomm, EGM, and to all other sponsor yang sudi sponsor kami, Thank You Bangetz. hehe.

Lastly, Dayat ingin meminta maaf skali lagi if Dayat ada buat silap sepanjang concert-concert yang lalu and also to all chatters dlm shoutbox Dayat, hehe, sorry if Dayat lambat mereply, pasal Dayat sibuk at the moment, insya allah, soon Dayat balas, slowly~ hehe. Thank you again. I love you all.

Ingat Besar Ingat Dayat - GERENTI~~

Monday, December 15, 2008


hi there people, thank you so much for your votes, we knew the result already and we welcome back Ina and Ter, yeay~ welcome guys, hehe, gona have much fun with you two lagi.

I pity Asde, Ifa and Emel for not getting in to the next concert, Im gona miss them so much, especially Asde. But whatever it is, this is still a competition, I have to move on and continue what's left.

Anyway, minggu ani Dayat dapat lagu dari Sean Ghazi, wow, another jazz singer, but this time rancak BUT it doesnt mean easy, it needs a lot of acting, so, malam tu, you will see a lot of acting lah. hehe.

I want to say thank you so much for the sponsor malam atu, for the hair and make up, thank you Shahdon Style Icon, and also to Muchdini for the wonderful outfit, I loike~ hehe.

It's raining tonite, hehe, nyaman tido ni~ ehe. bah. dont forget to vote for Dayat, if you still think that Dayat can win, and if you still believe in Dayat. Ingat Besar... Ingat DAYAT~ GERENTI~~







so people, please do vote for these contestants, some of them deserve to get in, i would say all deserve to get in but since only two can make it in, thats why i used some instead of all. I do hope you will vote for someone who has improved a lot in this competition, someone who never fails to entertain the crowd. I've voted for them already, have you?

type in P2FNAME1/5/10 or 50

e.g. P2F ASDE 50

I cried for the sixth concert, for those who were watching it live on tv, i think you could see me crying like a baby behind them. Dayat ingin explain skit, hehe, I cried because separating from someone very close to me is not something that I would wish for, I've been knowing him since I was a kid and we got closer since 2006, FYI, i'm talking about Cousin's relationship Thank you, don't get the wrong idea, I still plan for a van of kids. lol. I actualy knew that he could sing from a competition, I called him to do shows here and there, we've been practising together a lot, especially during this competition, I could still remember his reaction during the first day and after he got in. Both of us planned and promised to compete in the final, and i hope that promise will be fulfill. So during the last concert, all i could think of was our effort together, eventhough we are cousin and we could still see each other here and there, but it's not gonna be like the everyday we had before. Anyway, I'm explaining this just to tell the reason why I was crying like a baby during the last concert, I'm not trying to get any pity from you, it's just up to you, who do you want to vote, if you asked, did I vote for him? I'd say I did, coz i believe in the talent and commitment. All of them have that. Start voting now, it ends at 12 pm. PLEASE VOTE.

BUT.. hehe.. don't forget also to vote for me, hehe, if you still think and want to see me winning that VIOS, well, I do want to win that, lol, if you think that I deserve to be in the final, still do cast your votes for me.

P2F DAYAT 1/5/10 OR 50.. HEHE 50! 50!LOL. and send it off to 8885555

hope last concert was good enough for you to chill, lol, apakan? hahaa. Fever! In the morning~ Fever all through the nite~ wait for my next song, I hope you will be entertain, lol. THANK YOU PEOPLE, INGAT BESAR INGAT DAYAT---GERENTI~~~~~~!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hi People

hello People,

hehe, sorry sangat pasal lama kan update, well for now, balum ada yang Dayat kan update, ehehe, busy saja lately ani.

To those yang udah linked Dayat, hehe, thank you so much, Dayat udah linked kamu smua. ehehe. Thank You So Much people, Thank you for the support, Thank you for the comment.

This saturday Dayat nyanyi lagu Fever from Michael Buble, it's a sexy song, so malam atu, paksa la Dayat sexy2 skit nyanyi, haha, nada lah, Dayat akan buat yang terbaik la malam atu, hopefully lah, doakan saja Dayat buat yang terbaik.

So you all, jangan lupa undi Dayat ah, hehe, truskan sokongan and doakan dayat smpai ke final. Thank you so much you all.

Ingat Besar Ingat Dayat. Gerenti~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update update


Today nda kaja, hehe, sakit kaki la bks practise. Anyway, I'd like to say thank you to those yang datang ke pelancaran album putri norizah last sunday, we had a lot of fun, thank you so much.

This week Dayat dapat lagu tagalog, Pangako Sayo. Dulu Dayat pernah liat cerita ani, tapi inda lah berapa mengikuti every episode, but it was a good series, especially to those romance lovers. One week kami cuti, well not exactly cuti, we were busy with other things arranged for us, then yesterday ada dance practise at sg.Akar, wah, one week inda menari, sudah start latehan, kapus2 wa. hehe. Balik rumah, sakit kaki. hehe.

Anyway, I havent been out that much to do outings with my photog friends, it's a pretty tight schedule for me. Insya allah, i'll slot in that time.

So bawah ni, Dayat ada took some photos of what we have done this week, pakai hp Dayat ja, hehe, inda bawa nikon Dayat.

ani masa di Mameh beribi, hehe, i really like this photo.

sekali dua kala memvain dalam keta. haha.

masa di rumah abg hans

Ani kira extra photo, haha, pasal Dayat suka awan ah, ganjil tahap maksima. hehe.
Me and Ifa masa makan
Fau cute~~~ hehe.