Thursday, December 13, 2007


ha~ hehe, ngaleh eh ari ani.

Tadi pagi, buat kaja Comm skill and then SAM. We learned Accounting today, gosh, now that I've seen it this way, I never knew how easy could it be. lol. jan eh..

Kali, after SAM, rushed home, mandi lagi, then udah siap everything, picked up my cuz and then tarus ke mall. Sampai di mall, we had to wait for almost 45 mins to start, udah start, kabak2, hahaha, hanya Tuhan yang tahu bagaimana rasanya, dtg giliranku, lega~ hahaha.

I like the ending part of the show, well, nasib jua kmi belateh di malam. The 3 of us puas ati, especially my cuz, inda pandai branti ckp "Puas ati ku eh." hahahaha. well, yea, aku pun puas ati.

Balik ke rumah, mandi lagi, smbhyg, then ke umah Tinie, buat Comm skill. Tinie cooked spagethi untuk kmi, aku telampau kanyang, and my body sakit2, inda tah selahap mana ku makan atu. lol. well lahap plg.tapi inda brapala. haha. apakan..

now, im on my bed, limpang2, pikirkan ayat untuk buat Comm skill and also blogging ani. hehehe. well, now you have it, what I had in mind.

Here are few photos masa kmi di mall tadi, that THING made me look makin bulat!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

ukiran cinta~

I was pretty bored few days ago(well, still am, just that should've posted this blog earlier), on the way to my class, but evil tah jua aku ani, due to a lot of stress, from going to class, I went to the beach instead. Pagi2, it was really calm, not a lot of people, went out of my car and stood on the rock.
As I was walking, I saw this Love grafiti(do you call it that way? oh well.) I was actually amazed with that, and took a couple of photos. This proofs that, not just me yang terasa aman and indah di pantai atu, even these couple, they were amazed and touched by the scenery, spreading the love onto themselves and walLa! terciptalah ukiran cinta~

Maybe those yang ukir arah batu ani, stil going on as a couple, or maybe the other way around, whatever it is, I wish you all the best of the best. Jangan nakal~

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Wohooo~ i got a new phone now. I was exremely desperate, the morning i woke up, my heart was beating so fast and i just wanted to ask for cash. but then, miracle happen. I used my money to buy that phone, its not a great series tho, but its worth it, at least im happy, extremely happy, i bought the Nokia N70i, its black and i just love it!

I was pretty sick last nite, and yet, stil am, tadi pagi, we went for an interview at one the clinic for our project assignment(inda ngaleh ka nyabut? project jua..assignment jua..). I was freezing to the max, after the interview, I went straight to the Borneo Clinic. The doctor told me that I have a high fever, and shud get an MC, hear that? SHOULD GET AN MC! but i didnt.. coz I'm worried bt that assignment..5 assignment to be exact.

What a life~ hmmmph!