Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Oh November


I know~ batahnya kan mengupdate aku ani. Hehe. Well, this year is the most hectic year ever for me, even right at this hour, I'm in a room with my group mate, finishing up our final year project, which is due tomoro. yes, TOMORO waaan!

Talking about career, currently recording some tracks to be release next year, it's gonna be different that the usual ones I had before, plus received a great news, im not gona hoo haa about it yet, coz it's just too early for me to say, I wont be hoping much, but I'll pray it'll be good.

it's 20 days to go to our FREEDOM. seriously, I need a break.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's a boring Thursday indeed, been busy a lot for the past 3 months, it's suppose to be a break for us, but..sigh.that's just the student life. Got an offer from my ex chemistry teacher to go to taipei, but I'm still thinking about it, it's a great offer but I'm just afraid my time won't let me go.

A lot has change at home, mom been busy renovating the kitchen, dad with the air condition system and my lil brother, he seems to be different after the umrah, I can see him more dependable, oh well, kids grow up to be a better person.

I'm out of the contract already, after the fuss of this and that, manage to get the final word from them. So now, I need to focus on my self.

How's your Thursday?

Monday, April 12, 2010



So guys, it's been a hell of a while. lol. Same old reason, in fact getting busier and tighter this year.

I am currently struggling with my time, rushing here and there everyday, doing the things that i like.. and some that i dont, :S It's a part of work, so my words dont really count.

This is April already, we're gona have our Exams soon, i'll be staying up late, till the exam ends. What do I have in store in May onwards? well, 3 months of Holiday, as in NO STUDIES, well, mostly tho, SDP starts off June, but still, Holiday! Looking forward for that actually.

My friends are going to KK and KL, I saw it on their calendar board, I wanted to join.. well, Ill think about it.

p2f 3 started off well this year, saw few talented ones. Who do you think will win? I dont know too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010



hey,happy new year guys, been a while(i've lost count). It's 4 in the morning, and yes, I can't sleep. sigh.

I'm just gona talk about what have I been through in the year 2009. There were lots of challenge that I had to face during that year, there were lots of mixed feelings playing around. I could only hope for the best.

Yes, im gona start my class very soon, it's gona be a hectic year i guess. Career side, I am just lost actually, rite now I am just writing my own lyrics, hoping to turn it to a song, I just need to discuss this with the management. I have a new hobby, well, not really new. I'm doing photography business nowadays, and NO, I didnt quit singing, just doing this business as another source of income, so if you see me with my SLR, don't be surprise.. and NO, I won't sing and take pictures at the same time. :)

Last time I went to China with my family and some group of people. That was my first time going to China and it was very very cold, I thought my thick skin could save me, but no it didnt, haha. First stop was Shenzhen, it was very cold, I didnt even shower that night, haha. Sajuk kali ah, imagine the next morning, if they didnt provide any heater, indatah ku mandi kali sepanjang ku di sana ah. hahaha

Then we went to GuangZhou, barang sana murah2, very murah2, my mom bought two nokia e71..yg palsu pulang, haha, saja untuk dorang pakai. We did our friday prayer at one of the oldest Mesjid in GuangZhou, it was interesting how they performed their Solat and how it differs from us malay.

The third day, we went to Disneyland, sana macam kanak2 ku, haha, it was soooo fun, mickey ambung sikit, haha, but overall, siuk la sana.

Back at Brunei, damam2 ku, NO, not h1n1, perubahan temperature.. sal atu tah. :P

Actually this post 2 days ago dah ku buat.. but cam aku blank, didnt know what to type, still tho.. lol.

anyways, happy new year guys!