Sunday, November 8, 2009

SDP's OVER. Presentation and Exam to go!


Hi people, How's your sunday? lol. Mine's fresh, woke up late! haha. Had something to finish last nite, slept quite late. Anyway, SDP is done, well almost, we still need to present our system to the lecturer, me and my group are gona discuss about it later.

Exam's on the 17th, argggh! Come on Dayat, it's just few weeks left, then you're all done after that!

Anyway, yesterday I was at the RTB Sungai Akar, for the launching of p2f third season. I was with Aj, Ter and Asde. The audition's gona start on 4th December, at RTB KB, then the next two days at RTB Sg Akar. I might be there to give you a moral support. Just wait for few more days, you'll get the news flying around or just go to their website ( for more info. :)

Till then, take care people, i dont know what else to talk about. haha.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anugerah Pelangi's Done - SDP and EXAMS to GO!


hi peepz, I know, if my group leader reads this, he would be asking me this "INDA KO MBUAT SDP MU KAH??" haha. I'm just taking the time off to blog a lil about my updates.

Okay, first thing's first, Thank you so much for all of you who came to the Anugerah Pelangi that nite, really2 appreciate it a lot! To ZWAN and ACUN whom I didnt get the chance to talk and hang out with right afterwards, I'm very2 sorry, I was very busy guys, I'll make it up to you after the SDP alrite. hehe. To fans, who turned up that nite, thank you so much for the support and taking photos with me, and to friends, ITB photogs, and cousins! thank you so much! Thanks also to Syarif D'Hask for the music arrangement that nite, and Abg Aidil for his help on the vocals. For my wardrobe, thanks to Ardly Design, gosh, I love that outfit! and my make up! I love it so much! Thanks to Elly for that! and last but not least, thank you to PELANGI FM! thanks for the opportunity and more again next time!

So after the event, managed to get an hour sleep, ryt after that, I had to turned on my laptop and start doing my work, Alhamdulilah, it's nearly done, ryt Eddy? hehe. CONFIDENT!

Anyhow, I was a bit upset about certain stuff, but I dont want to put much here. All I want to say is that although I'm new in this industry, doesnt mean you can fool me around. I believe all of us are professional in our own way, we do our work and you do yours. IF you can't pull it off, then don't bother. PLAN everything wise. Sorry if you had to read this, I dont hate you for who you are, but I just hate what you just did. You really2 need to learn to start doing it well as in in a good way, not by whatever you just did. Thanks.