Saturday, December 26, 2009

hey people,

I know it's late, lol, and talking about late, it's been a while i havent update my blog. Well, I just had some terrible news, I bet some of you knew about this, enough said, if you don't know, then just leave it off like that. But despite all that, I'm glad i'm over it. I'm glad I found someone to cheer me up. i'm glad I still have friends.

Oh well, 2009 is gona end soon, 2010 is coming up, have I plan for something wise? hmm.. i'm not sure yet, I still need time to think about it. hehe. Music wise, I'm still looking for the rite one. Education wise, I'm planning to move on, Life wise, not properly defined. Dont ask why.

Anyhow, im sleepy, catch you up soon. hope so. :)