Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NO lecture

Today nada CS lecture. Sir yusof pun nada. I think. LOL. Musim presentation x ah. Assume je nada. wawawawa.

lalah eh, sangal, woke up at six tadi, slept at 3.30, brapa jam gnya tido, hahaha, inda mo tido ah. Cemana tu???

Presentation kamis ani, blum ku ready brabis.

27th April dari Studio A

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Aey, hehe, baru balik dari jalan td wit my friends. I slept at 1.30 last nite, I was doing the ICC revision dari 11 pagi kemarin till 1.15 pagi. hehehe. Eddy was with me too, but ia lagi hebat, dari hari khamis dah ia inda cukup tido, only 2-3 hours ja tidonya, he was sick at the same time, so yea, yesterday atu was like a torture rh nya, poor him. relax di. hehe, bawatah rehat.

I was totally nervous tadi before test ah, memandangkan aku fail dah the second test, so yea, aku takut aku fail lagi this test, but hey, alhamdulillah, it was not that bad, there are few terms that aku inda brapa ingat, but I managed to get few points, hehe, i think~ hehe. IMM was at 2 td, abis ICC, trus revise IMM, daym~ barutah first time, memorising to the max tadi. Luckily td, it was like okay2 la testnya, inda jua ayung banar. Abis tests tadi, at 5, aku jalan g ngan durg Adi, Indra, Mizan and Kiyar. Siuk la, the whole area in Kiulap black out tadi, Gadong ia jua, Mentiri apa lagi, hehe, cam biasa, tiap kali jln sma durg, we always talk about ceta2 seram, hahaha, so, if aku, ceta sal brg atu, aku serious, and kmbang bulu. hehehe.

Balik dari jalan at 11 ish td, naik atas, mandi and then blateh. nervous ku isuk ani, hehehe, mudahan jua ok. mesti confident~ hehehe.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Me Damit. hehe.

Hi again, hehe, tym2 memacah kepala ani, hehe, smpat jua jua kn mempublish, heheh, as being requested by someone, you know who you are, here's some of my pix tym ku damit~ some only ah, hehe, not all.

Hehe, remember those time, when Raya was our fashion festive, it's always a must to show up with something new and striking, I had a bow tie, hahaha, with Kuer Mor inside my mouth. hahaha.

I told you, I was thin before, well, not really thin, but hey~ I got a figure, hahaha, apakan, kanak2 x ah.

This is the time, when I knew eating is the key of happiness, hahaha. I had to cut the pic short, sal bawah atu sexy, I had pants, but it was wayyyyyy toooo shoooorrrt~ hehehe.

Enjoy, hahaha, apakan. C ya! Salam.

Happy birthday to Syahmi

Happy birthday to Syahmi, hehehe, not sure how old is he today, but again, his a good friend ever since I knew him from the BKP, hehe, funny, a good supporter and somehow artistic. hehe. Happy birthday again Syahmi, may god bless you, may you have a long-life and happy always with your beloved ones.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MRS photos

A.B's getting her scarf done by Mel and Rozika

Walaaah~! Two pretty ladies~

Amy Manis with her pose~

Khate, Yanti, Hazel and the rest of the ladies~

One of the trainer, Sofi, specs black.

Zayed vid-camming the event.

Me~ hehe, smart eh, tapi nervous!

Me, doing a solo that nite.

These are the photos that I grabbed from Azwan, from King's SLR. hehehe. Sorry yo delay skit, hehehe.

Friday, April 18, 2008

OBBD rox!

Aey peepz. Just got back from OBBD Temburong. We had 3 days of intensive course, Neves is ryt, you need to be mentally and physically prepared.

A day before the trip, I slept over at Adi's house. I felt quite nervous thinking about the trip, bought some asam but inda bemakan. hahahaha.

15th April - I woke up quite early, had my shower, but in the end, I was the last one to move. LOL.

Adi's dad sent us to the Tambing. Few of us had already waited before 7 am. We moved at 8 am.

I have to admit, that I dont really like riding boats, but in this case it's a must, and surprisingly, I wasnt that nervous at all. Jeeha cried once the boat was moving up and down.

We reached the OBBD at around 9 am. We were welcomed by the trainers and had our American Breakfast.

We were asked to sign on the commitment paper, each and every one of us, had to agree on the some of the points listed in the paper, hahaha, we were anxious to see Kiyar's reaction. He smiled while waiting his turn to sign the paper. The thing about him, he likes to tease a lot, hahaha, sometimes sakitlah, hahahaha, but he never meant it.

We had our briefings about trust building, where we had to trust our friends to catch us, it was pretty scary at first, but then, when it came to the second part, which was throwing ourselves on to the canvas, that was even more nerve recking(sceeereeed~ hahahaha). We had briefings about the flying fox and unfortunately, aku inda dapat join, hahahahahha, it is sad but i cant do anything.

Malamnya, kmi semua tido aher, we had imbas kembali session, we all talked about what we had learn that day, i gave out my opinion, kan nangis ku ckp sal flying fox atu, but, hahaha, inda jua dapat. We drew our goals on one big paper and kmi mesti achieve this goal for the next 2 days.

16th April - At around 4 am, we had our alarm practise. "Angus-Angus" is all i can say. LOL.

At 6 am, we sang the national anthem and then after that, we prepared our stuffs for the jungle trekking - yes - JUNGLE TREKKING! I was pretty excited at first, but balum jauh.. kasut ku testuck dalam mud, hahahahah, Mizan and Indra helped to pull it out, hahahah, and start dari sana, aku th paling bnyk problem. At pertengahan jalan, I started to feel dizzy, but I moved on. Arif sakit kaki coz he fell earlier, Sian Arif, he still continued walking, although sakitnya dalam brabis and due to that, I am more motivated, If he can do it, so can I. Ham and the rest of the guys and girls helped us a lot, I THANK THEM FOR THE SUPPORTS. THANK YOU GUYS.

At around 3 pm, we reached Kem Samut, I was so proud of myself, hahahaha, smpai jua ku ahernya. I couldnt stand for few minutes, I rested my arse for few secs and then started to build the tents. Then hujan labat turun, hahahah, it was not a good situation at all, sajuk and uncomfy. Soon after that, we went to the river, and blajar kayaking, and again, I was the bangangest of all. hahahahha. The other coach cam melatup2 dah ajar kmi, hahahahah, me and Syahmi putar2, hahahah, we couldnt communicate that well, hahaha, sal dua2 inda pandai.

Nyt time, I didnt help a lot, hahahaha, I slept early, coz I was totally tired, I snored they say, hahhahaha, Ngaleh x ah! It wasnt that comfy at all, hahahaha. But what was fun about it is sleeping in the tent together, ngaleh sorg2, hahahaha, cam siuklah, ukan plg lain, LOL. Sorry nada gambar for the second day ah, hahhahahah, sal inda g tegambar.

17th April - I was the leader of today's activity - KAYAKING. hahahahahaha. Before we start, we did a practise lagi, since me and Syahmi couldnt do it that well, we got switched, me and Adi, hahahahaha, sian Adi, I felt like a trouble maker wah, tapi apa bleh buat, but at the end, kmi smpai awal! hahahaha. Siuk brabish! despite the sakit kaki, it was really2 fun.

Sorang2 ngaleh after kayaking, we unpack everything, had our lunch together and briefing after that. After that, we had our closing session where I was called to give out the certificates to them, the coach said I was the one yang paling banyak cabaran, hahahahah, physically and mentally. Thank you coach sal dpt bersabar ngan aku. hehehehe.

GOSH! makin lampuh aku ah. hahahahahhaah. anyhow~ The three days course are very2 siuk. I had fun a lot.

Last but not least, I wanted to say Congratz to all yang join OBBD, I felt more like a family sana, with all the support and all, Thank You Adi for letting to sleep over at your place jua, Thank you to Indra, Kiyar, Mizan, Ham, Syahmi, Luqman, Zayed, Arif, Manis, Zue and Jeehah for helping me a lot on this course, I owe u guys a lot.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

MRS abis~

MRS is over. Hehe. Although it was not as good as the graduates expected, BUT we GOT a HUGE response from the audience.

The day started a bit late, me, Adi and Kiyar woke up nearly to 8. As we arrived at the ICC, Faatz sindir2 aku, hehe, she said, "8 am" hehehe, we arrived a lil bit late tho. We finished up wat was left the other nite and did a run through on the programs. When it comes to my solo part, Qidah, Syue and Zu had tears falling down their cheeks, I sat behind Adi and he was avoiding from looking at my face, as he said "aku inda mo liat mua mu, kan nangis ku", few seconds after that, he pulled his shirt and covered his face, he denied that he was crying, but I could see after that, his eyes were red and he couldnt speak well. Lol. Imagine how ONE song could affect you.

I got worried when there was few delays, but we managed to finished early. Lucky for us, Indra and the Amy's are well-spoken people, so, talking in public is not a problem for them.

After the friday prayer, the weather got a bit hot, and I started to feel dehydrated. Adi and me went to kiulap, I convinced him at this one salon, he was excited and got a nice hair cut, and I had a hair do, coz I already got it cut the day before. We checked into a rest house, it was nearly 5 that time, I rushed, had my shower and put on my outfit. I had different opinions from my roommate on how the outfit should go.

At around 5 pm, we went to ICC with our outfits, Adi and his new hair cut, me and my white outfits, kiyar with hair do, Qid and Syue, being va-va-voom and Mizan with his outfit that we chose for him. hehehe.

In the ICC, we stil managed to finish few more things left undone, Fakir and Zayed was not yet dressed. I got a bit dizzy for not resting a lot, I waited outside the ICC, feeling nervous and hot. As the guests arrived, I started to feel even more nervous, time was ticking very fast.

GOH arrived and I escorted him to his seat. I sat down with him and felt a bit awkward. The show started a bit late. Started off with my speech, it was a 3-minute nerve-reck moment. Then, followed by the MRS theme song. I coordinated the team, they seemed to nervous at first, but they managed to sang well after quite a while.

As the nite went on, I was surprised to see a huge response from the crowd, although we complaints about ppl not receiving their invitation card, but the number of invites who came this year, is a total double from the number last year. We had more gifts, and more response from the crowd, although some of them said it was quite flat, but hey~ we managed to get u stood on your feet and shout your lungs out almost the entire show.

A huge thanks goes to the AJK's, thank you guys for supporting and able to work in a team. I cant imagine doing this event without you guys. Thanks to our registrar for coming and supporting this year's MRS and also all of the invites that nite, thank you sooooo much for coming.

Monday, April 7, 2008


PIA is done..FOR NOW. We got more assignments to do, an interview and presentation after the school's holiday. gila ~

MRS - 5 days to go. Location? To the graduates, it's gona be at the ICC. Which hall? it's either the multi purpose hall or the other one. U will get the invitation card soon, dont worry, check the newspaper or the ITB website for more information.

Oh yea. i wana Thank You to all of team mate-Acun, Azwan, Bella and Halim, thank you for not arguing much with me masa buat PIA, aku busy saja with MRS, thank you for all of that.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

English~ Learn it dude!

You know, there was this joke, back in the 90's, i repeat, in the 90's, where, if you see someone spoke in English, you would say "Yeee~ Speaking ya~ Wasseeh~~". Well, during that time, I would accept that, but people, we are in the millenium, think deeply, open your mind, our language malay, is not the international language, you go to Europe or any other non-malay speaking country, you wont be speaking in Malay and joke around with them in such language, you would need to use English.

No matter how broken your english is, how bad it is, just dont bother about it, if you have a willing to speak and learn, do it. Making fun of other's speaking, just because its not your mother tongue, is so wrong. Dont embarass yourself man, get a job, if you cant speak english, go and learn, dont just waste your time, shitting about other's. I'm not hating you, I'm just not liking your attitude towards this case.

P/s: You're gonna face job interviews, and I believe, it is all in English, although it is asked in malay, translating the answer into malay~ is one pain in the ass. So yea, learn and learn and learn.