Sunday, October 26, 2008

What makes you stronger?

for me, it's the three 3 c's, COMPLAIN, CRITICS AND COMMENT.

People who judge you might be someone with an experience, or probably with a good reason. Accept it with an open heart and mind.

But DO think to those who wants to judge, I, MYSELF, would never ever misuse your CASH and TIME, if it's not by request. I don't touch your pot of gold, you don't touch mine.

I dont hate you for judging, infact, I welcome those, I want to learn where I can put my feet on, how to stabilize those and make em better each day. If you dont understand what I just said, well, don' t bother to think hard.

But if sometimes, people are saying how SICK and BAD you look, without knowing yourself better than the looks, those people are worse than you, they do that, coz they were insulted by others on how they look or probably self realized on his/her weakness and to make them feel good about themself, they grab someone they do not know that well and just splash out their weakness to them. WOW, how amazing the world is, with those type of people. Colorful, yet silly. :)