Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Missed A Test


hi readers, sorry lama banar kan update, anyways, revision week is on the loose. luruskah tu? haha. anyways, Dayat inda attend test today, coz I had a huge headache, went to the clinic to have a med.check up, skali kana gtau, blood pressure tinggi, waaaah.. banar2 udah behidup tu. So, took an mc and continued resting the whole day.

What have I been doing lately? well, I am currently doing a lot of research on our SDP, i had to use my phone to google, WHY?? Laptop Dayat LCDnya.. hmm.. macam kain.. eh, udah jua Dayat gto. Anyways, it's still in the workshop, so what I could do now is to use the desktop, oh yes, the old desktop, yang lagging to the max.. makin siuk tia buat kaja. WOW.

Last friday, had my recording for my next single, called Baruku Sedari. Alhamdulilah, malam atu jua abis, well, ada pulang lagi kan di usai, but just some small part saja, not much. So, after that, tunggu kana master and release lah. It's a tough song, I have to say. Changing an Alternative song to an RnB ish tune, cam.. wow. payah tahap maksima. tapi, thanks to the people yang bekerjasama, thanks pasal sabar dengan Dayat yang kadang2 demanding ani, hehe, demanding ani perlu jua kadang2, tapi only at certain part saja.

Took some photos on that day, bukan plg Dayat yang ambil, but our assistant, Hiew, hehe.

So peepz, tunggu and dengarkan single terbaru Dayat nanti. Watch out. apakan. hehe.