Monday, August 3, 2009

Final Semester

Salam readers

Today is the start of the new semester a.k.a the final semester for us! It's gona be a lot tougher.. Sigh~

So yea, actually I planned to wake up early today, but then, since I slept late, I woke up a bit LATE than the time I've set. The traffic was very bad today, there were few accidents along the way. Scary, first day of my final semester, accidents happened???

Skali, we only had two lecture in the morning, then after that abis, free, coz the lecturer were busy handling the degree programme students. Oh well, more time to do my work. ISD assignment due is today, NAM is wed..

My cousin's getting married this sunday, so does our SWO, congratz to both! hehehe.

Oh yea, the pelangi award is going to start somewhere in october, the nomination starts tomoro, I am nominated in the New Artist category, I am really looking forward for this event, and yes, if you think I should win, do vote. :) Thanks. Another event that I am looking for is the RTM/RTB this october, I totally need to brush up everything to makesure i am ready for that event. Oh well, semua ini, Alhamdulilah...

So guys, that's it for today. i'll update you more soon. hehe. Tata!