Thursday, October 22, 2009

what have i been up to?

This is what I can say about myself rite now. I have a dateline to catch, 1 big event at the end of this month, another one next month and and exam to sit in!

CRAAAAAZZZYYYYY weeks for me! But I am loving it. Rather than sitting alone at home, eating and doing nothing else than that. Oh well, my weights been fluctuating lately, I just recovered from a very bad cold last few weeks, now I am trying my best to keep that away and stay up healthy.

I've been doing a lot of practises by myself, at the same time, crashing my brain doing the php codes for our sdp, thanks to Eddy, he keeps me ongoing. LESS than 2 weeks! thats the time I have now.

I have plans after my exams, one of them might be doing a new single. MAYBE..

So, just wait and see, I'll update u once in a while. lol. I'm not a frequent blogger anymore.