Thursday, January 24, 2008

Morning morning.

4 more days left to our ISM dateline, or should I say DEAD line. lol. thats mean.

So far, we've done 68% of the assignment itself. More blogging to do and a whole long way of report making. Its true what Halim said, why do we have to blog? Isnt that going to affect the whole time frame?

Anyhow, we just finish the orientation yesterday, it was a whole tiring day, we had to come early(well, still, punctuality is still my problem). I had a lot of fun with the BKPs, the team work and the lunch out together, it was really fun, talking about personal ghost stories and experience.

Back at home, I was pretty exhausted, slept for about an hour and started our discussion at around 5 till 11 pm. Acun came up with the CIS t-shirt, I told them I had plans to create one, so yeah, I spent almost 30 mins to do that and I've finish my first creation, more to go, it all depends on the rest of the class tho, but so far, I've convinced two of my friends, 130+ to go? hahahaha. good luck Dayat.

28th is the start of our 2nd Semester and yeah, I'll be quite busy with the Career Dialogue and Tel Bru meeting. Thank God that my artwork were one of the selected ones, I didnt really expect to get, because there were a lot of good competitors and I felt so small thinking about it. Thanx to UCAI as well for his willingness to become my volunteer model, he's got the look, style, I believe he'll get a chance to be huge one day, for sure, I'll work again with him sooner or later.

Heath is dead, word of advice, stay away from drugs and dont use that if you're devastated or what so ever state you are.