Sunday, January 27, 2008


Its the last day of our assignment week. Cant say that tension did not exist, it did, but luckily we all agreed that it was all just a joke. We slept at 2.45 am last nyt, we had fun, joking around, eating the sweet tangerine and doing our task at the same time.

So for this, i'd like to thank you to dearest Acun, Azwan and Halim. You guys did well and I really want to thank you for being patience with all of my naggings and on the nerve attitude. I admit that I didnt really lead our group properly, to talk about time line, I could've state the perfect duration for us, I could've divide our task properly, I could've lead you guys with no anger, but yea, I'm not perfect, dreams makes us hope more.

So yea, Acun, thank you the place and the time, Azwan, thank you for the willingness, hehe and Halim, thank you so much for being patience and sakit2 mu pun datang jua, sian, have a rest dude.