Monday, March 17, 2008

Apakan tu?

Hey guys, just got back dari rumah Az1, buat SAM. We stopped when we it came to the counting part, haha, continued the rest of the time with drawing logos. Eddy suggested me to draw more choices, we all agreed on one, but then, when we looked at it again, it looked a bit different and very sensitive. well, u figure it out. apakan.

Eddy likes cat and I'm not So a CAT person. No comment on that. I just dont know why. OTW back home, Eddy suddenly turned silent, I was worried and kept asking him why. Then he simply answered, "baca2 saja." Dude, whatever u saw creeped me out, I turned on the radio, and started to think of Her(thats what i would normally do if i'm freaked out, hahahha! oops~)

We arrived safely, tapi masih kajar2. hahaha. Anyhoo, bed time. see ya.