Saturday, March 1, 2008

Few Days Ago~

Me, Eddy, Khaliq, Acun, Azwan, Tinie and Jeebah went to to P.Berakas for a lunch out, the thing about this place, its very calm and i like it. Plus, it had swings, the only time where i can be like a kid.

A group photo with all of the ITBians who participated in the national day, it was really2 hot, but we all had fun.

Ucop! hahaha. He seemed to had fun a lot. So did Kiyar. And Me!

We went to this talk few days ago, me and the rest of the class reps and BKPs were kinda bored actually. We fooled around, passed out sticky notes and wrote or drew something on it. This is what I did masa atu. hahahaha. Dont ask me why..well..u can.. boring x ah. Plus, I was sleepy.