Saturday, June 20, 2009



Hi people, first of all, I wana say happy belated father's day to my father, Hj Ahim, i love you dad, you're the inspiration of my life guidance. Also to all fathers in this world, HAPPY BELATED FATHER's DAY.

Anyway, it's almost the end of June, I am so excited since the holiday is coming soon. Faced JAVA and others, payah wooo.

Thanks to all of those who had been supporting me non stop ever since I released my single on the air way, a lot of you are asking where to buy my single. For now, the management havent really decide to make a sale on my single, but GOOD news, I heard that an EP album should be out probably this year or early next year, by which, my single will be included in that album, this is not confirm yet tho. BUT, not to worry, you can download the mini mp3 of my latest single, how?? hehe, refer to the steps shown at the side.

tapi apapun, I am really thankful to all of you for the support. May god bless you for that. Amin.

Anyway, tadi Dayat beinjek, heheh, kan ke KL nyanta, so queue up la tadi, with my friend, si Neves. Punyalah nyanyah kami dua, ketawa inda pandai abis. Sebenarnya, kan napuk nervous la konon, hehe, ketawa lah tebahak2, malar jua Dayat ingul kan rh si Neves ani betapa nervousnya diriku. Neves said "Why do you have to be nervous? It's not painful at all."

Skali, udah sampai kana call and kan masuk bilik. Gez what, si Neves suruh aku dulu, hahaha. SAPA NERVOUS ANI?? :P

Anyway, abis dah beinjek, balik la ke rumah, konon2 kan rehat, haha, skali, boring punya pasal, had a photoshoot dgn anak buah. Hasilnya?

Oh yea, before I go, be loyal in a relationship, don't shit our your partner, you might never know when that happens back at you and how it should end you. So, what goes around comes around. Be safe.