Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You

Salam people

It's been these couple of weeks, I couldnt get my hands stop doing all the works I had. Last May was quit busy with some preparation. Early June, I had a shooting for Raya drama, spent the whole day at the scene, it was tiring but worth it.

Recently, my latest single has been playing at Pelangi FM, ALHAMDULILAH, I'm also thankful to Pelangi Fm for making me artist of the month for June, I had fun with you guys. The song Baruku Sedari was composed by Syarif and Khairul D-Hask. I would like to thank the both of them for giving me the trust to bring this song and also working together to make it a really good one. Thank you as well to Faizul and Khai Abandonce for introducing me to them. Thank you to Mr Wong, Summer, Gena and Hiew of GCC management for taking care of me during the process of recording. Thanks to Ka Nani of Nasional FM, for interviewing me recently on my journey as a new artist, had a great time chit chatting with her. Thanks to my family for understanding my time and myself. I love you so much.

Thanks to those who texted me their congratulatory, Thank you so much for the support, insya allah, I will be doing more soon, just wait and hear.

Thank you all again for the support. Dont forget to come to our reunion concert this 28th june at ICC Berakas, more updates soon on this. See you!