Thursday, December 6, 2007

ukiran cinta~

I was pretty bored few days ago(well, still am, just that should've posted this blog earlier), on the way to my class, but evil tah jua aku ani, due to a lot of stress, from going to class, I went to the beach instead. Pagi2, it was really calm, not a lot of people, went out of my car and stood on the rock.
As I was walking, I saw this Love grafiti(do you call it that way? oh well.) I was actually amazed with that, and took a couple of photos. This proofs that, not just me yang terasa aman and indah di pantai atu, even these couple, they were amazed and touched by the scenery, spreading the love onto themselves and walLa! terciptalah ukiran cinta~

Maybe those yang ukir arah batu ani, stil going on as a couple, or maybe the other way around, whatever it is, I wish you all the best of the best. Jangan nakal~