Saturday, December 1, 2007


Wohooo~ i got a new phone now. I was exremely desperate, the morning i woke up, my heart was beating so fast and i just wanted to ask for cash. but then, miracle happen. I used my money to buy that phone, its not a great series tho, but its worth it, at least im happy, extremely happy, i bought the Nokia N70i, its black and i just love it!

I was pretty sick last nite, and yet, stil am, tadi pagi, we went for an interview at one the clinic for our project assignment(inda ngaleh ka nyabut? project jua..assignment jua..). I was freezing to the max, after the interview, I went straight to the Borneo Clinic. The doctor told me that I have a high fever, and shud get an MC, hear that? SHOULD GET AN MC! but i didnt.. coz I'm worried bt that assignment..5 assignment to be exact.

What a life~ hmmmph!