Monday, February 11, 2008


hey. haha. Macam common kan the word "Hey~" atu. any way. Hey~

LA donuts - nyaman!! hahaha. i havent tried fun donuts tho. i knw plg super duper nyaman, tapi i just dont like the idea of queueing up for more than half an hour, antah lah, maybe soon i will try, but for now, hahaha, lets just stick to the choco mint di LA ah. hehehehe.

We have few assignments coming up, a big event coming up, MRS - its a huge thing, so mesti ada huge planning, pisan eh. Tadi we have to choose our team mate for CS assignment, hmmmph~ Anyway, bnyk kn di pkirkan lah, mana jua coming tests, assignments, mana jua MRS lagi. God~

Being a bkp is fun, i met few new ppl, new friends, hahahah, its actually fun.

Watching the 50th Grammy awards at the moment, Aretha Franklin~ diva-super talented diva! lawa x ah ia nyanyi. kambang bulu ku eh.

Anyways, pernah kmu terasa cam you are being taken advantage saja? A friend of mine asked me few days ago bt things related to this lah, then tepikir tah ku jua kan. Lately ani, cam org brubah, mkin nmpak belangnya, same lh cm aku, but im trying my best not to be like that again. I wish ppl could just confess and say - I dont need you, coz you're just not it. Sakit plg tu, tapi cam, i dont like the feeling of ppl talking behind my back. What did i do? hmmmph~

Antahlah. Let time be the judge.