Saturday, January 19, 2008

KK trip Siuk!

Sat nite, 8.53 pm, I just got back from shopping, a lil bit of shopping with a huge amount, gila eh, matai ku ni lehnya.

I got back from KK yesterday, a lot of things to remember. The first day we arrived at the Marina Court, it was a whole tiring day from Brunei to the KK city. Me and Eddy had to joined the senior's bus, coz we were few of the last passengers picked up. I couldnt sleep a lot, there were noises coming from the back seats and the bus driver is one crazy driver, if McLaren is going to retire, a reminder to the manager, you can consider our bus driver.

The second day, we all packed up and went up to the Mount Kinabalu, stayed at the Zen Resort, it was pretty cold up there. Most of the time, I closed my eyes and faced the other way, coz I'm afraid of heights. That nite, we had a barbeque, I sang with the senior and the rest of my room mates, and dedicated one special song to our lovely Ms.Wida.

The morning after, me, Eddy and Zul captured this amazing view of the Mount Kinabalu, too bad my phone was out of battery, only Eddy and Zul had the chance to capture that amazing view, I was pretty jealous but what could I do? :P

We all packed up and moved back to Marina Court. We had a pit stop at Ranau for Lunch and went to the Pouring. We had a wonderful experience splashing ourselves at the Hot and Cold Spring. Most of us the guys, tried the slides, I was pretty scared at first, coz I thot the pool was quite deep but thanx to Halim, who had scolded at me to tried that, I gave few shots, and Walaah! First shot-Torn pant.

Nite time, we shopped at the Wisma Merdeka, bought a lot of things, Eddy didnt expect that his purchase could reach 100+, me too, there were a lot of things there, you couldnt say NO to any of those. Then we headed off to the Black Market, Eddy asked me help him find a nice crystal bracelet for his mom. He was quite worried after that seeing me couldnt say anymore words, I was totally exhausted, and NO to Eddy and Halim, I'm not angry.

Fourth day, we went to Manukan Island, I bought my self a sunglass, or shades, or whatever you want to call it. The bumpy ride really excites me, Eddy and me took a photo for something to remember. On the Island itself, I was amazed with the clear blue water, where I could see fishes swimming around. I do not know how to swim so I didnt dive in with the rest of my friends, most of the time, I sat down and watched them, Eddy wanted to swim at first but I dont know why, he got tired, he climbed the branch behind us and had a little nap there. Mus and Apek was our photographer at that time, me, Eddy, Anuar, Judin and them went to tour the whole Island, I wasnt feeling good, a bit of dizzy and blankness inside, Anuar kept on asking on how I felt, I kept saying Ok to him, nothing to worry.

Got back to the city at around 3 pm, we got back at the hotel and had a rest before we head off for more shopping. We shopped at around 5 pm, had a lot of fun and saw few unexpected things, me and Halim bought ourselves some nice shoes, Eddy wanted to buy shoes too, but he just couldn't choose, he's good in dealing the prices, he wanted to buy the Levis hat but the seller couldn't hear him asking how much the price was, so Eddy cancelled and head back to the hotel. The bus was waiting for us to head off to Tanjung Aru for a dinner. Eddy guided me where to eat and showed which one is best, we ordered Satay, Grilled chicken, a huge drink and myself, chicken fried noodle. After that, we took photos at the beach, sketched our trademark on the sand and had fun taking pictures. I was pretty tired that nite, so I didnt talk much. Back at the hotel, few things happened and those thing plus with the rest of the stuff that we experienced will stay forever in our memory.

Last day at KK, I woke up quite early, had a shower and woke up my roommates. Everyone was pretty exhausted and busy at the same time. I started to feel sad and lonely at that time, knowing that we're gona head back to Brunei. Most of us wore the Headhunter's t-shirt. It was friday, on our way to Brunei, we stopped at a mosque and did our friday prayer there. We arrived at the Limbang immigration at around 9 pm, Eddy, Zaqwan, and few other girls were the first to head down from the bus and straight to their home. There I felt more sad, but I just kept on smiling and didnt express much of emotion on my face. I was next to come down from the bus, I dedicated one short song to the rest of the passengers before I took off, it was really sad. As the bus disappears, friends waving at me, tears started to come, I just couldnt hold it, I stood up and crying and smiling at the same time. Thinking of how much I'm gona miss them.

To all of my room mates, Eddy, Halim, Acun, Zul, Sanusi, Anuar, Hayat, Cakoi, Mus, Hadi, Jazli, Fakir, Apek, Yus, Zaqwan, Judin, Jimmy and Jui(sapa lagi ah?), I'm gona miss you all, I'm gonna miss the funny guy, Hayat. I'm gonna miss our loud person, Halim. Our big guy, Acun, also known as the only person who can do waterlog snoore. Zul the video guy, Mus and Apek the photographer, Anuar and Judin for their slumber character, Fakir for his patience and wise words, Hadi for his yeah-ryt-innocence character, Jimmy for his help and patience, and lastly, Eddy for his cool, silence and igauannya, hehe, sorry again man. Also not forgetting the girls, Grr~ Qimah, thanx for taking the pictures masa ku takut, most importantly, to Mrs Wida, thank you for the trip and the chance. We all love you. hehe. Sporting x ah.

Freedom~ haha. Boleh bah kalau kamu! Setan! Mengganas-mengganas, Hatter(Heater) , those are the words I will always remember, rinduku kamu smua eh. baru jua sehari. :(. Damam2ku tarus, biasalah.

Ok lah, guys, I'll be seeing you all di ITB nanti. hehehe. TATA!