Monday, February 25, 2008

Another hot watery day~ apakan..

aey guys, just got back from school, hop on the bed, and start blogging.

we had our test tadi pagi, i thot it was gona be easy, well, it was, just that we dont have enough time!!

Me and Eddy blurred out after the test and couldnt stop thinking of it.

Ms Wida then took us to watch the home made video of them during the OBBD. I heard ppl rushing in to watch the KK trip vid, but guys, its a lot, my part is done, just waiting for the rest.

Right now, we are very broke!! The ac's in my car is not working that well, its HOT!! I gotta pay the rest of my book debts, gotta pay my bills, seriously, the next allowance, not even 0ne percent of it wud go to my self, all will be taken for something else-better.?

I'm officially sick, I havent get enough rest for the past week, been busy for the National Day, for the test(what an effort~), show and Assignmentsssss. Im having a sore throat, fever and cold. Watery eyes-not cool, u keep on crying almost every minute.

This week, I'm booked for dates - Assignments Dates. Waaaa!!!! I'm going NUTS!!