Friday, February 29, 2008


Why do Bruneian tends to drive slow and observe the whole incident for any accident that happens, without even stopping and lending some hand? Not saying that all Bruneians are like that, but, its just that some part of the Bruneian are like what I have mention.

I went to the RTB just now, there were suppose to be 15 of us, but gez what? I was there all by myself. Me, the one, who did not meet the registrat, came at 2 pm and thot I was late. Came in to the hall, and sat, thinking that they wud be late. But, weyhoo~ 2 and a half hours later, I'm still alone.

Inda pedah2, I lost my simcard di sana. Hampeh eh cani ani.

Today, aku complain saja ni, indatah ku kira eh.