Thursday, April 24, 2008

Me Damit. hehe.

Hi again, hehe, tym2 memacah kepala ani, hehe, smpat jua jua kn mempublish, heheh, as being requested by someone, you know who you are, here's some of my pix tym ku damit~ some only ah, hehe, not all.

Hehe, remember those time, when Raya was our fashion festive, it's always a must to show up with something new and striking, I had a bow tie, hahaha, with Kuer Mor inside my mouth. hahaha.

I told you, I was thin before, well, not really thin, but hey~ I got a figure, hahaha, apakan, kanak2 x ah.

This is the time, when I knew eating is the key of happiness, hahaha. I had to cut the pic short, sal bawah atu sexy, I had pants, but it was wayyyyyy toooo shoooorrrt~ hehehe.

Enjoy, hahaha, apakan. C ya! Salam.