Friday, April 18, 2008

OBBD rox!

Aey peepz. Just got back from OBBD Temburong. We had 3 days of intensive course, Neves is ryt, you need to be mentally and physically prepared.

A day before the trip, I slept over at Adi's house. I felt quite nervous thinking about the trip, bought some asam but inda bemakan. hahahaha.

15th April - I woke up quite early, had my shower, but in the end, I was the last one to move. LOL.

Adi's dad sent us to the Tambing. Few of us had already waited before 7 am. We moved at 8 am.

I have to admit, that I dont really like riding boats, but in this case it's a must, and surprisingly, I wasnt that nervous at all. Jeeha cried once the boat was moving up and down.

We reached the OBBD at around 9 am. We were welcomed by the trainers and had our American Breakfast.

We were asked to sign on the commitment paper, each and every one of us, had to agree on the some of the points listed in the paper, hahaha, we were anxious to see Kiyar's reaction. He smiled while waiting his turn to sign the paper. The thing about him, he likes to tease a lot, hahaha, sometimes sakitlah, hahahaha, but he never meant it.

We had our briefings about trust building, where we had to trust our friends to catch us, it was pretty scary at first, but then, when it came to the second part, which was throwing ourselves on to the canvas, that was even more nerve recking(sceeereeed~ hahahaha). We had briefings about the flying fox and unfortunately, aku inda dapat join, hahahahahha, it is sad but i cant do anything.

Malamnya, kmi semua tido aher, we had imbas kembali session, we all talked about what we had learn that day, i gave out my opinion, kan nangis ku ckp sal flying fox atu, but, hahaha, inda jua dapat. We drew our goals on one big paper and kmi mesti achieve this goal for the next 2 days.

16th April - At around 4 am, we had our alarm practise. "Angus-Angus" is all i can say. LOL.

At 6 am, we sang the national anthem and then after that, we prepared our stuffs for the jungle trekking - yes - JUNGLE TREKKING! I was pretty excited at first, but balum jauh.. kasut ku testuck dalam mud, hahahahah, Mizan and Indra helped to pull it out, hahahah, and start dari sana, aku th paling bnyk problem. At pertengahan jalan, I started to feel dizzy, but I moved on. Arif sakit kaki coz he fell earlier, Sian Arif, he still continued walking, although sakitnya dalam brabis and due to that, I am more motivated, If he can do it, so can I. Ham and the rest of the guys and girls helped us a lot, I THANK THEM FOR THE SUPPORTS. THANK YOU GUYS.

At around 3 pm, we reached Kem Samut, I was so proud of myself, hahahaha, smpai jua ku ahernya. I couldnt stand for few minutes, I rested my arse for few secs and then started to build the tents. Then hujan labat turun, hahahah, it was not a good situation at all, sajuk and uncomfy. Soon after that, we went to the river, and blajar kayaking, and again, I was the bangangest of all. hahahahha. The other coach cam melatup2 dah ajar kmi, hahahahah, me and Syahmi putar2, hahahah, we couldnt communicate that well, hahaha, sal dua2 inda pandai.

Nyt time, I didnt help a lot, hahahaha, I slept early, coz I was totally tired, I snored they say, hahhahaha, Ngaleh x ah! It wasnt that comfy at all, hahahaha. But what was fun about it is sleeping in the tent together, ngaleh sorg2, hahahaha, cam siuklah, ukan plg lain, LOL. Sorry nada gambar for the second day ah, hahhahahah, sal inda g tegambar.

17th April - I was the leader of today's activity - KAYAKING. hahahahahaha. Before we start, we did a practise lagi, since me and Syahmi couldnt do it that well, we got switched, me and Adi, hahahahaha, sian Adi, I felt like a trouble maker wah, tapi apa bleh buat, but at the end, kmi smpai awal! hahahaha. Siuk brabish! despite the sakit kaki, it was really2 fun.

Sorang2 ngaleh after kayaking, we unpack everything, had our lunch together and briefing after that. After that, we had our closing session where I was called to give out the certificates to them, the coach said I was the one yang paling banyak cabaran, hahahahah, physically and mentally. Thank you coach sal dpt bersabar ngan aku. hehehehe.

GOSH! makin lampuh aku ah. hahahahahhaah. anyhow~ The three days course are very2 siuk. I had fun a lot.

Last but not least, I wanted to say Congratz to all yang join OBBD, I felt more like a family sana, with all the support and all, Thank You Adi for letting to sleep over at your place jua, Thank you to Indra, Kiyar, Mizan, Ham, Syahmi, Luqman, Zayed, Arif, Manis, Zue and Jeehah for helping me a lot on this course, I owe u guys a lot.


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