Wednesday, April 2, 2008

English~ Learn it dude!

You know, there was this joke, back in the 90's, i repeat, in the 90's, where, if you see someone spoke in English, you would say "Yeee~ Speaking ya~ Wasseeh~~". Well, during that time, I would accept that, but people, we are in the millenium, think deeply, open your mind, our language malay, is not the international language, you go to Europe or any other non-malay speaking country, you wont be speaking in Malay and joke around with them in such language, you would need to use English.

No matter how broken your english is, how bad it is, just dont bother about it, if you have a willing to speak and learn, do it. Making fun of other's speaking, just because its not your mother tongue, is so wrong. Dont embarass yourself man, get a job, if you cant speak english, go and learn, dont just waste your time, shitting about other's. I'm not hating you, I'm just not liking your attitude towards this case.

P/s: You're gonna face job interviews, and I believe, it is all in English, although it is asked in malay, translating the answer into malay~ is one pain in the ass. So yea, learn and learn and learn.