Monday, December 15, 2008







so people, please do vote for these contestants, some of them deserve to get in, i would say all deserve to get in but since only two can make it in, thats why i used some instead of all. I do hope you will vote for someone who has improved a lot in this competition, someone who never fails to entertain the crowd. I've voted for them already, have you?

type in P2FNAME1/5/10 or 50

e.g. P2F ASDE 50

I cried for the sixth concert, for those who were watching it live on tv, i think you could see me crying like a baby behind them. Dayat ingin explain skit, hehe, I cried because separating from someone very close to me is not something that I would wish for, I've been knowing him since I was a kid and we got closer since 2006, FYI, i'm talking about Cousin's relationship Thank you, don't get the wrong idea, I still plan for a van of kids. lol. I actualy knew that he could sing from a competition, I called him to do shows here and there, we've been practising together a lot, especially during this competition, I could still remember his reaction during the first day and after he got in. Both of us planned and promised to compete in the final, and i hope that promise will be fulfill. So during the last concert, all i could think of was our effort together, eventhough we are cousin and we could still see each other here and there, but it's not gonna be like the everyday we had before. Anyway, I'm explaining this just to tell the reason why I was crying like a baby during the last concert, I'm not trying to get any pity from you, it's just up to you, who do you want to vote, if you asked, did I vote for him? I'd say I did, coz i believe in the talent and commitment. All of them have that. Start voting now, it ends at 12 pm. PLEASE VOTE.

BUT.. hehe.. don't forget also to vote for me, hehe, if you still think and want to see me winning that VIOS, well, I do want to win that, lol, if you think that I deserve to be in the final, still do cast your votes for me.

P2F DAYAT 1/5/10 OR 50.. HEHE 50! 50!LOL. and send it off to 8885555

hope last concert was good enough for you to chill, lol, apakan? hahaa. Fever! In the morning~ Fever all through the nite~ wait for my next song, I hope you will be entertain, lol. THANK YOU PEOPLE, INGAT BESAR INGAT DAYAT---GERENTI~~~~~~!