Monday, December 22, 2008


hi Salam people.

Alhamdulillah, I've made it this far, one more concert to go, the FINAL. Dayat kabak2 menunggu detik2 concert atu.

So this saturday, I'll be singing two songs - a local track from Milin, Ku Tak Akan and also an english track from eric santos - This is the moment. HONESTLY - THOSE SONGS ARE CHALLENGING!! I'll try to do my best again for this Final, WAIT - I HAVE TO!!

Dayat ingin ucapkan terima kasih yang tak terhingga to all yang support Dayat and percaya yang Dayat buleh buat, thank you so much, I want to thank Muchedini for the great outfits, to Shahdon Style Icon for the hair do and make up, huge Thank you also to RTB, GCC, Baiduri, Aewon, DST, Incomm, EGM, and to all other sponsor yang sudi sponsor kami, Thank You Bangetz. hehe.

Lastly, Dayat ingin meminta maaf skali lagi if Dayat ada buat silap sepanjang concert-concert yang lalu and also to all chatters dlm shoutbox Dayat, hehe, sorry if Dayat lambat mereply, pasal Dayat sibuk at the moment, insya allah, soon Dayat balas, slowly~ hehe. Thank you again. I love you all.

Ingat Besar Ingat Dayat - GERENTI~~


si yanyan said...

yat, kambang bulu ku mendngar lagu eric santos aa. i could imagine cemana u nyanyi nanti .. kejiwa ulihnya =S

Sorry i cant watch ur final performance. but dont worry, aku tetap undi kau tu yat. hihihihi.
and i know u can do it. i bet the rest pun. chayo~ chayo~

all the best yat~

p/s: aku terbayang si dayat nangis lagi time final =p

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