Monday, December 15, 2008


hi there people, thank you so much for your votes, we knew the result already and we welcome back Ina and Ter, yeay~ welcome guys, hehe, gona have much fun with you two lagi.

I pity Asde, Ifa and Emel for not getting in to the next concert, Im gona miss them so much, especially Asde. But whatever it is, this is still a competition, I have to move on and continue what's left.

Anyway, minggu ani Dayat dapat lagu dari Sean Ghazi, wow, another jazz singer, but this time rancak BUT it doesnt mean easy, it needs a lot of acting, so, malam tu, you will see a lot of acting lah. hehe.

I want to say thank you so much for the sponsor malam atu, for the hair and make up, thank you Shahdon Style Icon, and also to Muchdini for the wonderful outfit, I loike~ hehe.

It's raining tonite, hehe, nyaman tido ni~ ehe. bah. dont forget to vote for Dayat, if you still think that Dayat can win, and if you still believe in Dayat. Ingat Besar... Ingat DAYAT~ GERENTI~~