Monday, March 23, 2009



Malam ani Dayat study group sama classmates for an assignment. I'm just sooo lazy ryt now, it's very hard, but yeah, have to do it jua.

Banyak yang tanya pasal single or album. huhu. so far, Dayat belum sedia kan buat album, I need to learn a lot lagi to make an album, heheh, tapi for single, good news, I will be rehearsing my first single (well, third actually, tapi ani kira the first one after p2f lah) very soon. Doakan saja this project will work successfully ah. hehehe. Amin. So, to you all out there, if you have been waiting for it, lol, sabar, soon ada ni. I promise I wont dissapoint. Ill work hard on it.

Talking about shows, well, so far, balum ada news for any upcoming shows, if ada, ill update here la. hehehe. Dont Khuatir, ada tu.