Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last Thursday, I went to the premiere of Dragonball Z movie. Before I go further, I'd like to say something about the customer line for the ticket bookings, seriously, if you feel like talking to the customer is WAYYYY to much, do what I say, QUIT, coz there are others who wanted to work there, who could be more serious than you are. I know it was a busy day for you people, but it's your job, you have to entertain us with a good and pleasant attitude. I seriously hate that shitty attitude on the phone line, not just that, even at the counter. If you're reading this, and you happen to work there, IM SORRY, IM JUST SAYING MY OWN OPINION, AND YES, THIS IS MY BLOG SPACE. :)
So back to the movie, it started late. 3 of us came around 9, got our ticket and waited for the call. Met Hill and Adek there, Hill was with his friend, watching the same movie and Adek just finished, he told me it was a good movie.
anyway, the movie started off good, had a good climax and story line was good. Seriously, masa liat atu, all I had in mind was this lame joke yang us malays like to do all the time, I'm sure what that is. haha. The ending was not that good tho. But yeah, overall, out of 10, i'd give a 6 or 7. Ok what~ hehe.
so, I havent been updating my blog for quite a while, fs and fb pun sama jua, been busy lately, well, u can always hear that, I wish I could I was off for a world tour (wah~ mau ~ hahaha.) Few days ago, I went to KB with my p2f family, to celebrate Ezah's birthday, yes, she's turned 19. Had a splendid time there, they set the firecracker, the family was nice, had a good time talking to her family. So, i dont think its that late to wish Ezah, a happy belated 19th Birthday, rajin2 blajar, and focus on your studies 1st and always stay positive.
Then, 3 of my friends celebrated their birthday on the 10th and 11th, they were Hjh Azratul,
Aina(Inna) and Eddy my whore. lol. kidding Di. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO THESE PEOPLE, SAME WISHES. lol.
Mom's bday coming soon, I just dont know what to get for her, any suggestions people??
p/s : sebenarnya.. Dragonball ada tujuh biji semuanya. hahaha. LAME ryt. I know~