Sunday, March 1, 2009

Apa ah


Aey, hehe, sorry nada banyak kan Dayat update, still busy dengan kaja. Tapi today, I spent a little time off lah.

We went to ITB this morning, had a briefing and training tadi. Most of us sibuk jua antar SDP proposal. Kali, we went out early, we went to the Mall, had an early lunch, and then watched a movie. Dorang inda gto aku dorang kan liat The Punisher, I thot kami kan liat They Wait, hahaha, cam, aku marah mula2nya, kali udah liat cetanya, cam siuk jua, but the part yang pacah2 kepala atu, Err.. entah ah.

Ada si Zayn tadi, hahaha, sapa tu aa~ :P Anyway, I totally need to get a new external Harddrive, I need to clean up my laptop and fix the keyboard. Arrggh!