Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Belated Mothers Day.


It's 3 days late dah ni. Anyways, I dont care, hehe, I still want to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day.

Stupid mistake I did this year is when I accidentaly texted her about her age on her Birthday. Wow. I'm sorry ma, I love you, whatever I had to put through that day was worth it.

Ma, you've taught me everything in life, almost everything, mostly from both of you, mom and dad. I didnt learn to think positively and wisely before, you know how many times you had to tell me to be mature and to be more responsible and yes, most of the times it hurts me a lot, but was I thinking about why you said those? Most probably not. It took me a while to think all of these and realized that you just dont want us to live the way you were when you were around our age. You want the best for us.

Ma, I know how much I annoy you at times when I am not in my happy days. You kept it cool, you talked and spread your words softly to me, making me realize and think much of what those words could do to me. You make me realize what's important in my life.

After all these years, you've supported me in everyway, just recently I felt happy that I managed to show success in what you have been putting your supports on. Thanks for understanding my life, you're one of my only understanding soul.

Thank you for everything, thank you so much, I know I didnt get you anything on mothers day, but I love you, so so so so so much, I love you both, MA and PA.

Happy mother's Day to my ma, Hajah Nilam.

Love you always.