Wednesday, May 20, 2009



So it's Wednesday today, my arms and legs are in pain, but I gotta thanks to coach J for motivating me to work out, if it wasn't for the motivation, I would still feel tired and useless, plus I do need it for the upcoming projects in June.

We're going to have CN test tomoro, I'm off to chapter 3 already, 3 more to go, but those are just calculation (JUST???). I'm gona head off to Acun later for a group revision. I havent received any update on my schedule for june, I need to sort out my schedule.

Anyway, Thanx to those who dropped by to my chat box, I know not much of updates are going on here, I'm gona have my photo blog published soon, I'm too busy now to put details on that blog, but soon after my hectic study schedule, then I'll work on it immediately.

So anyways, I guess thats the update for today, the next post won't be anytime soon. STUDY STUDY STUDY.