Thursday, May 21, 2009



Okay, I know I said the next post wont be soon, haha, ECEN~~~~~~~~

Anyway, I was watching American Idol just now, well, half part of it tho, coz I had to do my work, but I was still eager to know who's gona hold the title this time. I managed to catch David Cook's performance in the beginning of the show, I questionned a bit when Ryan said it's been a tough week for David, well, I did feel the song the belted. So I googled up about David and just found that recently he lost his brother who was fighting for cancer for quite a long time. That explains why. Well David, I know the you wont probably read my blog, but incase if you do, just want to say, that you're a strong person, im sure your brother must be happy seeing you working hard and putting all of that effort dedicating it to him and those who are suffering cancer as well, job well done david.

Anyway, while I was doing my work, I heard my brother saying something out loud from the next room. I knew why and I asked...."WHO WON??"

and ladies and gents...

American Idol 2009 is...

HAHAHAHAH! Puas ating ku yo! Well, its because I dont really hate Adam Lambert, but I just dont like him that much and I would love to see someone yang biasa2 jer to win. I was hoping Danny to win this year, but then he got booted out, so tinggal kris je la, heheh, tahniah kris, teruskan menyanyi lagi, iski ku ia manang ah. hehehe. Adam lambert tu bagus.. tapi entah, dingin ku meliat. hahaha. Antah antah.

anyways, balik buat kaja!! hehehe.