Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hey.. its tuesday morning here. Right now, i am all alone in my room, thinking of someone else, feeling quite bored at the same time and yea, ending up..at this space.. blogging. lol.

I went to the tuition class just now, I am so weak in programming, who ever wants to exchange brain with me, please do, with a condition- you must be a programmer! hahaha. Well, it aint that hard tho, its just the pile of words that make you confuse and choosing the giving up option.

At first, I just hate it, but, yea, reality check, I am taking the computer course..IT'S a CORE-Which part of that word do you dont understand??? I am actually into graphic designs, I just love photoshops, I wanted to buy a digi cam, but yea, stil cant afford it at the moment, so..waiting..n..waiting... Yea, talking back to programming, it was surprising, I came late for the tuition class, but I ending up explaining the topic that was taught on the board to my mate. I guess, I understand better and am a fast a learner. lol. am i?

Arrghh!! I keep on receiving emails from the adverts sites, one of the email I had was-lose fast-OUCH! how do they know about that? Such a perv! lol.

During the class, me and Acun was making fun of one of our classmates, where.. two days ago.. we gossiped her with Acun.. but tonite.. we saw her with Halim... hahah.. and we teased her by giving her the name-scandalous girl. hahaha. Well, we dont really mean it, its just for fun, fooling around, whats life without fun-right?

me, suzi and bell(haha, abis la ko~), first time using the laptop's cam. I was showing off my new vest. lol.

me-with my -hey~smile.

me and Azwan-stressed out during Assignment week.(lol. not Azwan. he just love the cam)

me-being serious and blank! haha. i just love tat jacket.