Thursday, November 22, 2007

PC and wat?

Thursday, 8 13 pm.

Gosh! tadi kmi baru abis PC test, and it was really hard! Khaliq was right, I should've focused on the practical more, daym~

Abis test, semua merungut, sorang-sorang bising, including me, I'm pretty sure that I will get an F for this. To release my tension, cam biasa, bawa makan. The sardine roll or whatever you wana call really GOOD!

Allowance kmi balum ada, its been weeks, more than 10 days dah, shud I face the admins again? Come on.. we have assignment coming up, I need to buy my printer's catridge, I need to pay my books and yes, assignment..beguna x ah! Hmm.. sabar sajalah..

I'm getting bald.. ingau ku eh, inda jua lawa tu if bald, Eddy suggested me to shave my head off, and back from the basic..meaning..menjaga rambut darinya nada to ada. lol. Indaku mau eh cukur dulu tym ani, nantitah maybe during PIA.. or I could just go for treatment.. ya lah.. Elaun ah.. hahaha.. hampa..

Bah, wana rest first, tiredness~