Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Insya allah~"

Today, most of us were feeling dizzy and tired just as i was, why? well.. we had a test just now, and the thing about test, we were revising really hard the nite before, without looking at the time. Eddy, Khaliq and Iza were there too at my place, refreshing the things we learnt before and yea..I DONT LIKE Z80! Eddy slept over at my place, haha, it was fun to revise together with them.

I was feeling okay in the morning, although I just had 2 hours plus of sleep only. I was excited to sit for the test and yea, this saturday, we're gona have an open class for belated raya and teacher's day celebration, so tadi, me, Acun and Azwan went out to deal with the invitation card.

A funny thing happened just now, when I was somewhere around the college, Acun and Azwan were like "its your chance Dayat~". I was acting like a fool that time, but yea, I just had to do it. I went inside and gave the inv. card to someone, someone who I dont think will talk to me. As a guy, I made a fool of my self, dropping the cards and you know what did I do? I simply kneeled down - kata Azwan - AYU - just to pick it up. Argghh!!! Maluku eh! How could that happen? It was the most nerve racking moment I had ever in my life, I was never that nervous and yea, I am totally embarrassed eh..shoot..

Anyway, at least I got a chance to talk to that person even just in a few seconds. lol. Anyhow, I am in my room right now, waiting for the other Group Leaders to go online, where I had asked them to, to ask for their confirmation on what are they gona bring this saturday. Let's hope, makanan cukup and everything will go smoothly as planned.

p/s:missing ur smile. lol.


Anonymous said...

aiii.. dayat... u like somebody?? who who? hehehehe.. dayat has a gf~ dayat has a gf~ heheheheh :P share share eh ceta hangat tu.. hehehehe :D