Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am what I am. That's what I always said to myself, everytime I feel someone is hating me for the way I am, disgusted by the way I look and looking at me from top to toe, mocking me inside of their mind.
Life is not always about pleasing someone's life, what about yours? Do you think people would please you the way you did to them?
It's a lie when you hear people say 'we dont compare the way we look - it's only in the movie'. Right. It is hard sometimes to accept when you knew that you are only needed as a tool, not someone that you would want to spend most of your time with. Gosh, how pathetic do I sound?
Anyway, in real life, I'm a cheery type of person, who likes to have fun a lot. I do realize that I'm not that perfect size for some people, but heck, what do I care, I spent, I talk, I walk and eat with my own money. Aint that right? Inda ja? :P
I'm a single young man, who studies technology in ITB. Its a rough life I have to say. It aint getting any easy, just harder and harder. Lol. That sounds kinky. I work as an part time entertainer and editor. I drive..haha..thats too much of info.
I have a test tomorrow, and a due date next week, its all hard work and rushing up and YET, I still have time to blog. Well, I cant stop it. It's fun, isnt it? :P