Sunday, April 13, 2008

MRS abis~

MRS is over. Hehe. Although it was not as good as the graduates expected, BUT we GOT a HUGE response from the audience.

The day started a bit late, me, Adi and Kiyar woke up nearly to 8. As we arrived at the ICC, Faatz sindir2 aku, hehe, she said, "8 am" hehehe, we arrived a lil bit late tho. We finished up wat was left the other nite and did a run through on the programs. When it comes to my solo part, Qidah, Syue and Zu had tears falling down their cheeks, I sat behind Adi and he was avoiding from looking at my face, as he said "aku inda mo liat mua mu, kan nangis ku", few seconds after that, he pulled his shirt and covered his face, he denied that he was crying, but I could see after that, his eyes were red and he couldnt speak well. Lol. Imagine how ONE song could affect you.

I got worried when there was few delays, but we managed to finished early. Lucky for us, Indra and the Amy's are well-spoken people, so, talking in public is not a problem for them.

After the friday prayer, the weather got a bit hot, and I started to feel dehydrated. Adi and me went to kiulap, I convinced him at this one salon, he was excited and got a nice hair cut, and I had a hair do, coz I already got it cut the day before. We checked into a rest house, it was nearly 5 that time, I rushed, had my shower and put on my outfit. I had different opinions from my roommate on how the outfit should go.

At around 5 pm, we went to ICC with our outfits, Adi and his new hair cut, me and my white outfits, kiyar with hair do, Qid and Syue, being va-va-voom and Mizan with his outfit that we chose for him. hehehe.

In the ICC, we stil managed to finish few more things left undone, Fakir and Zayed was not yet dressed. I got a bit dizzy for not resting a lot, I waited outside the ICC, feeling nervous and hot. As the guests arrived, I started to feel even more nervous, time was ticking very fast.

GOH arrived and I escorted him to his seat. I sat down with him and felt a bit awkward. The show started a bit late. Started off with my speech, it was a 3-minute nerve-reck moment. Then, followed by the MRS theme song. I coordinated the team, they seemed to nervous at first, but they managed to sang well after quite a while.

As the nite went on, I was surprised to see a huge response from the crowd, although we complaints about ppl not receiving their invitation card, but the number of invites who came this year, is a total double from the number last year. We had more gifts, and more response from the crowd, although some of them said it was quite flat, but hey~ we managed to get u stood on your feet and shout your lungs out almost the entire show.

A huge thanks goes to the AJK's, thank you guys for supporting and able to work in a team. I cant imagine doing this event without you guys. Thanks to our registrar for coming and supporting this year's MRS and also all of the invites that nite, thank you sooooo much for coming.