Friday, February 27, 2009


Hey guys, sorry lagging skit kan mengupdate. Btw, been busy lately, with SDP proposals and also some practises. Latest project is the p2f Raya, which we had to practise awal brabis, so far it went well, tinggal voice recording and shooting saja lagi.

Hopefully this year bnyk rezeki, Amin. Last nyt I saw one of my CIS classmate in JP, dining in with his friends. I was talking to him about what we did, and he said,"ohh..pasal atu tah ko aher saja datang?" well, half2 la, some reason that I came late was because I could not sleep early lately. But yea, I told him, yea, and he was the witness of me and my activity; I am not just making that as an excuse.

Nothing interesting happened lately, sorry to all yang menagur aku rh msn, but aku tetido dah, hehehe, so.. kepada yang mengingul pasal elaun ah.. hahah. ITS OUT. lanja2 tah orang b'day kemarin ah, and also today.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GHAN!!! Wanita Ganas inda si akun. hehe. nada dih. Cali tu ia ah, tarus tarang but cali. hahahah.