Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Hey guys, i've changed my badge, i find the old one very dull and not that clear, plus too fancy and all. So, i've made a new one, simple, not much of color and all, just as it is, if you have copied my badge to your blog space, do re-copy that coding again and re-paste it over the previous codings you've pasted on your blog space. 

Thanks people, hehe.

Oh yea. btw, during the Ramadhan, we only work till 2 pm, I came at around 8, everybody seemed happy. We had a little ceremony in the morning, Ustaz gave some talk about Ramadhan, I found it quite interesting and he was joking all the way through. Then, we went back to our office and did some work. At around 12 pm, we did solat zohor berjemaah. 

At 2, I went straight home, and got online for a while to check my mails and everything. Had my rest at 4. Oh yea, we had kambing again for sungkai today, I couldn't resist that, along with Kebabs as the side dish. At 7, Asde picked me up to do solat terawih. 

Back home at around 8 pm, got online and chatted with Jeebz. hahaha. I miss her a lot. Chatted with D, hehe, Sorry yea for the short MIA. :P

Oh yea, I know some guys might say .. APA EH LAKI2 BAKE CAKES..well, I dont give a damn. So? This year, I'm planning to make the oreo cheesecake, I want to try something new, hehe, probably I could make my own birthday cake(SAD LIFE~ haha). I told my ma about that, she just simply said.."Buat tah." hahaha. simple huh?

Ayt, I don't think there's anything else to talk about, erm...Allowance? I heard that some of my friends have just received theirs today, well we're still waiting for ours, probably tomorrow or soon. To those who just had theirs, hehe, SAVE UP(I could use this message to my self too. LOL). Raya's coming, I haven't bought any kain for my cara melayu. I'm thinking of a different style this year, well, I hope sampat lah. hehe. 

Wow. I thot I didn't have anything else to said, haha, but indeed, I did. Ok, it's enough for me, I gotta sleep now. 


*p/s: what's for sahur ah?*