Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nothing much.

it's been a while I havent type anything on this page. well...
There u go. LOL. just kidding.
How are u guys? I'm doing just okay, I dont want to spill up the rest. What have I been doing lately? Hmmph.. ok, since I got my d80, I kept on going out, trying out this gadget, learning the best of it, trying the tips and lessons taught by Zye and some others that I know (Thanks zye! hehe).
Im still figuring out on the lighting part, right angle and stuff. I asked few people to teach me, but surprisingly, some of them, the one I reckon NICE, are wayyyy to stingy. hehe. Wow. Talkin about real life.
Raya's coming up very soon. and gez what. I havent even packed any kain for raya, hahaha. Well, I dont think I'm going to, I'm just gona stick to the old baju raya I had, besides, we only have 2 days raya holiday. Siuk KAN???
So far, there's not much to update on the p2f thingy. We just finished our photoshoot the other day ago, we're gona have our signing contract ceremony pretty soon. and Sungkai-ing together. hehehe. Looking forward for that.
Great. i dont have the right outfit for that event. Haha.
Bah.. I gotta rest. C u when I cu.
*p/s: loving you.*